Baby murloc shells and celestial ensemble missing

So i bought both transmog set and the eggs from the shop and about an hour ago from this post they just disappeared from my collection. When i go into the shop it says i have them purchased.

edit: turns out the sprite darter set is missing too.

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It’s a multi-year bug of things mysteriously going missing
Been dealing with this since I got the transmog helmet set.

It is not, in fact, a multi-year bug. While there was a bug about a year ago that affected only the cosmetic helms, there was a new bug that came about with 9.1 that borks out all store-bought and RAF mogs. There is not a fix or work-around as yet, but it is very well-documented and they are working to try and figure out how and why it’s happening. Your mogs will come and go without rhyme or reason, but you still own all of them.

There are a few posts from one of our SFA Blues touching base to acknowledge the issue and all of that in this thread.

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