Baby Murloc Satch-Shellsi keep losing it

This character keeps losing the Baby Murloc Satch-Shells that I put on my cloak…its costing 62 gold to put the dang thing back on again and again and again…when is this bug going to be fixed.


Well-known and well-documented bug has been in place since 9.1’s release in June. No fix, no ETA. Will appear and disappear without rhyme or reason, unfortunately.

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Which is BS now …they are just too dang lazy to fix this issue they rather it keep costing player base untold amounts of gold to fix their screw ups…matter fact this has been going on longer then last June now…it started with the cosmic helms you buy from the Blizzard store…so that means years now…not a few months. They were added to the blizzard store in 2013

The helm issue happened and was fixed. It only affected the helms. 9.1 broke all store-bought mogs and the RAF rewards. So you’re incorrect in that it has been that long-standing of a thing.

They’ve been working on it, they’ve said it time and time again. They’re just having difficulties in isolating what exactly is doing whatever it is that’s removing them from being able to be mogged. There have been umpteen Blue posts in regards to it, they’re not just arbitrarily sitting by and letting it fester.

It was broke before 9.1 for me.