Baby murloc satch-shells and sprite set gone

Is there a temp fix for this bug or did I just pay for a 6 month sub 2x for nothing?

There is a very well known and well-documented bug that came with the 9.1 patch back in June. It affects all store-bought mogs as well as the RAF ones. You still own them, but they will pop in and out of availability for transmog without rhyme or reason. It may be there one day, gone the next and return four days later.

Regardless of what some folks have said, there is not a known fix at this time. What fixes have been claimed are mostly just good luck of it being a phase of them coming back to be available.

The staff are aware of the issue and they are working to resolve it as soon as possible. It’s just difficult because it isn’t affecting everyone, and from what was said by the last time a Blue checked in, they’re having some difficulty replicating the issue.

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

I wish I knew this prior to purchasing the 6 months.

You can try and ask for a refund? But unfortunately, that’s really the only ‘fix’ for the time being. It’s yours, you still own the appearances. It’s just that something gets borked in the system that it doesn’t always register as an ability to mog your items.

But if you wish to try and request a refund, you can try and submit through here:

These things are generally time-sensitive, so the sooner, the better.

I wish you luck!

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hi, would love a blue post on why this still hasn’t been fixed

That doesn’t happen in Bug Reports, since it’s intentionally one-way: you post a bug report, QA reads bug report, no one from Blizzard comments.

And generally, developers don’t discuss their bug fix priorities or progress because no one takes the “estimated” in “estimated time to repair” seriously and consequently loses their cool when their perceived deadline passes.

Generally, the only clear indication you’ll get that your bug has had developer attention is when it’s in the hotfix notes after it’s been fixed.