Azsharan Medallion Quest

The medallion probably won’t be available until April 26th when the Raid is released.

Would help if Blizzard gave a blue post on this or something, I mean its been one of the most talked up bits of lore across multiple content creators including those that Blizzard has a seemingly close relationship with

Hmmm. Odd, I never saw any mention of this quest in the patch notes.

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If there was going to be some sort of delay (purposefully not using the other term) then it would be nice to know it, I mean this is something that a lot of people have been waiting for since first finding it on the PTR. I don’t think simply giving a blue post or announcing that it “is” or “is not” active is really out too much to ask

If it’s not in the patch notes, then that’s an “it’s not out yet.” Most likely will be with the raid release.

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Confirmed – the beginnings of this questline will start appearing closer to the opening of the Crucible of Storms raid in April.


can you tell us when? will it
A. be announced “hey you can do this now”
B. just show up as a reward for a world quest
C. pop up randomly as a drop and we just need to guess when it will get added to the table?
D. you tell us now what week it will get added and we praise you for being so great as usual :stuck_out_tongue: ?


the cm are too shy to communicate, they said better communication but no one believe anymore.

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Typical Blizzard, lets not release content on patch day lets stagger out and not tell anyone about it


Typical forums crying about not having everything on day 1, and then if it was, would cry there was nothing to do within a couple of days :stuck_out_tongue:

When you keep your expectations low, you’ll never be disappointed.


I like turtles :turtle:


Hey its better then ICC which took almost 2 months to be fully released.

Blizzard is guilty of a lot of things but so is the community for making up arbitrary, self-serving rules.


Gotta keep up those MAUs, amirite?

FFS STOP PANDERING TO THE MAU METRICS and release content like you used to when you were Blizzard and not Activision as you are now!

It’s patently obvious what you’re doing:

  1. March MAUs bumped by the new races
  2. April MAUs bumped by the new loltwoboss’raid’
  3. May MAUs bumped by the first drip feed from 8.2?
  4. June MAUs bumped by the second drip feed from 8.2



If your expectations are that low, why do you even play this game?


Oh boy, time gating. That’s’ new and original.


They time gated this?


“We want to improve communication” they repeated, parroting a quoted line over and over, praying it was far enough apart we wouldn’t remember the previous time.

And then radio silence.

“We want to improve communication” they repeated, having not spoken in earnest since the last time they promised to be better about it. Stop hiding things from us Blizz.

They hid nothing. It wasn’t mentioned, because it wasn’t part of 8.1.5 release.

I’m baffled as to why people are so bent out of shape.

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So, a major questline is added to the game, which they did announce (as it was a response to backlash that Alliance were given absolutely zero context for Uldir; and they promised a quest chain to explain context for players for this raid), yet… it’s magically not actually in the game in the patch yet! Hmm, coulda said something couldn’t they? Instead they… didn’t mention it.

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