Azeroth Secrets

So I’m doing the secrets and I know for the fact I missed yesterday or I didn’t get it at all, but for some reason, it wants me to do todays and not yesterdays and miss out of the torch part because I need it for this one and I can’t do anything without a torch or Perret or something! Like I tried to see if I can go to the locations and like if I can get it but can’t! I looked all over and there is nothing I can do. So now I can’t finish this without the stupid torch, please help.


Are you referring to the character you’re posting on? If so, I checked their completed quests:

You can verify this by using this script in-game: /run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(76504))

I would see if you have a quest waiting for you at Fangli Hoot in Valdrakken.

Good luck!