Azerite Vendor (Titan Residuum) giving incorrect items

Is it intended to give ilvl gear way lower than it used to?

ie purchasing a 115ilvl Azerite piece from Thaumaturge Vashreen turns into a 59ilvl blue… at least on Illidan.


same for me, i bought a m10 azerite helm and it turned into a lvl 59 item, it should’nt be happening cause it was not mentionned in today patch notes

Don’t even see the vendor on Bloodhoof

I certainly hope to see this resolved promptly as I just wasted a bunch of titan residuum and I would really hate to see my currency converted early to “gold” because they can’t replace it or something.

I think the vendor is gone to stop the influx of new tickets being submitted, they have acknowledged the issue hopefully its a quick fix and we can be refunded our residium!

Do you have a link to their acknowledgment?

Just the fact that the vendor disappeared, sorry just my assumption

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No worries, I thought the same thing. Didn’t know if they came out and said something though

Me too…bought 115 item and turned in a 59 lvl item #tururu

Me too…bought 115 item and turned in a 59 lvl item #tururu

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So, it also gives me a low ilvl item from Azerite vendor…
how do i get my titan residuum point back ??

upping this because it would be great to have an answer outside of the 3 days for submitting a ticket

Bug Reports forum is not where you go for answers. It’s strictly one-way: you report bug, QA forwards to devs, and no one says anything to you ever as long as they understand your report.

Also, Bug Reports is not where you go for assistance. In other Support forums, you can get limited Blizzard and fellow player assistance with troubleshooting and possible self-help fixes. But as I mentioned, Bug Reports is one-way.

Finally, no one on the forum can restore lost currency or items. That is strictly a GM responsibility, and there are no GMs in the forums. The few Blizzard participant are Support Forum Agents who have neither the tools nor the responsibility to do GM work. To get a GM’s assistance with making your losses good, you will have to submit a ticket and wait for a GM to service it. There is absolutely no alternative, and posting on the forums is not a shortcut.