<Axe Den> | 12/12 H ICC 25M | Semi-Hardcore | Tues / Thurs 7-10pm EST

Axe Den was established at the start of Wrath classic. We have raided hard mode / heroic content since week one of Naxx, through to the end of the expansion in ICC. The guild boasts every achievement (immortal runs, etc), hard mode kill, and heroic boss kill that is currently available. Our goals each tier is to push for progression of the hardest content as quickly as we can. As such we expect a high level of play and commitment from our raiders. We strive to push hard and progress quickly, but in the same notion like to keep the raid a fun atmosphere.

Our guild started as just a few friends messing around on classic. It has grown into a community with a lot of fun and memorable moments throughout the last two years. The guild has grown into something more than just a WoW guild for many of our members. We hope to make even more connections going into Cataclysm that will last for the years to come.

We are currently recruiting for our Cataclysm 25M Roster!

Wrath of the Lich King - Achievements
12/12 H ICC
5/5 H ToGC - 50/50 cloaks
54/54 Ulduar
OS3D 10M + 25M
The Undying
The Immortal
Glory of the Raider 10M
Glory of the Raider 25M

Raid Schedule (Currently on break until Cataclysm!)
Tues/Thurs: 7PM - 10PM EST

Raider Expectations
We expect 90%+ attendance maintained throughout the tier. (We are very understanding and lenient with emergency situations)
We expect raiders to have extensive knowledge of their class and raid encounters
We expect all raiders and members to be respectful of everyone in the guild

What we provide!
The guild provides all raiders with Flasks, Feasts, and Potions! The guild also provides Repairs for all raiders, even on non raid days!

We are a loot council guild and use the RCLootCouncil addon to distribute loot. We work closely with our raiders to maintain a fair and even loot distribution.

Recruitment Needs:

Warrior - Arms / Fury
Druid - Restoration
Druid - Balance
Priest - Holy/Disc
Priest - Shadow
Hunter - Survival / Marks
Warlock - Affliction / Demonology
Mage - Arcane / Fire
Shaman - Elemental

If your class is not listed, please still apply! We are always open to consider high caliber players for the raid team. We are also welcoming of any casual / social players that want to join. Flexible bench raiders are also welcome for those who can’t make every raid day! If you are interested in being a flex raider please reach out!

DM :
Please message AndyBurnsRed#4217 via Discord if you are interested in applying for the guild. Please include any logs / raiding experience you may have, as well as your desired class for Cataclysm.