[A]<We Sloe Killas>Misha is Recruiting!

We Sloe Killas (est 2007) is a social/serious guild of veteran players. We Raid, run Mythic Monday keys for chest, & some world/ group PVP. Mature, irreverent & drama free. We value community>content>ego. If you are uberl333t, gogo, or super important, don’t bother. We’re a very chill group and are sure there are plenty of players out there that share our vibe. We raid T/W 9-11:30PM EST.
Looking for a Warlock and some rDPS (preferably with heal offspec) for Heroic Nyalotha grind. Mail/pst to Raethu-Misha (Raethu#1648) or any officer for invite. Thanks!