AWC Shadowlands Circuit Week 2 is Underway

Get in here!

  • Dates: March 27 and 28
  • Broadcast Start time: 10:00 a.m. PDT / 1:00 p.m. EDT

Live now here:


That new intro video is sick!

Some quick games already today.

Wish people would give AWC more of a chance but everyone here on GD hates it ):

Why should we care…? There’s no reason to.

It’s just more “Esports” garbage that blizzard seems to want to push despite a massive part of their player base being completely indifferent to it, or outright hating it, because blizzards catering to it.


I don’t hate it. Super indifferent about pvp in WoW. I don’t personally enjoy it. If other people do maybe they enjoy this?

I’m just tired of all the esport bs in general.


Ah cool this again.

And shortly after the AWC, incoming form flood of nerf/buff demands based on what they see in AWC.


Try tuning in and see what you think.

No, I’ll pass. I’ve zero interest, and I refuse to support anything, even with a view that has to do with the e-sports garbage that is slowly eating away at the soul of this game.


You’re not obliged to comment in every thread you see.

You don’t like something, you give it a pass.


I just don’t like Blizzard prioritizing tournaments like this to decide when they want to do buffs or nerfs. Otherwise I like this.

Players in these e-sports are ready to throw their time and min max no matter what change they do.

The game should be given more importance over tournaments so these tuning passes should happen when issues are found instead of waiting to do them after something finishes.


Does Blizzard make games? Or just run modern era LAN parties?

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Is it really a sport? I am of the opinion it is not a sport at all. I’m sure others think differently but honestly - yea no.


Yawn more boring esport crap that doesn’t belong in an MMO.

K. Hard pass.


How long can this possibly be drug out?

Its seems like months now.


They definitely like to drag out their esports stuff for months. I remember OWL over in Overwatch feeling like it was running perpetually (until I stopped following entirely).

Sweet lord have mercy. I will keep saying it…

Blizzard you GOTTA get into making an animated series. Animation people are beyond good making these videos.

I’m not into watching other people play games. So even if I liked arena (which I don’t) I wouldn’t be watching.


Do people still watch this mess?

I wish they’d stop trying to make fetch esports happen.


Wait, I thought ActiveLizzard fired 180 people including the entire esports team in order to help pay for Bobby’s obscene bonus package? Wasn’t it on the basis that no one watches this stuff at all?

Live epsorts team got fired. Online esports team is different.