[A]<Wasted Potential> #1

[Wasted Potential] is a day one Angerforge guild opening their doors to take in players tired of battling the log-in Q boss. (Already established Angerforgians are always welcome as well!)

We are currently 300+ members strong of varying levels from one to 80, with the majority of people being somewhere in-between :exploding_head:

Personalities and goals within the game run the gamut of people just picking up a couple quests a day to our roster of already 80s running Naxx.

[WP] believes in creating a real community. We have guild events, giveaways, and there is always someone ready to lend a fellow guildmate a hand on any given day. Having said that, any rerollers or new member that joins will receive a care package from yours truly to help them get started :heartbeat::moneybag:

We have around the clock activity in game and on our discord with people from all over the world deciding to make our guild their home. Any self described night owls looking for a community would find exactly that with us here at [WP]

There’s definitely a little something for everyone here and we would be happy to have you be our next member :tada:

(Additional questions/concerns can be sent over Discord to bttr#0001 :sunglasses:)

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