Avoid Skyboros

Avoid selling any services to this player. Just spent an hour power leveling him, for a price that I adjusted so he could afford it, and as soon as he hit 120 he hearthed and left part without paying for it. Again, it’s Skyboros on ED

Don’t make deals where people can get away without paying for the service. You were probably trying to get irl money from it anyway.

It was 9k gold per level for 5 levels

I would suggest taking payment first. Either way super scum bag move.

There is a larger amount of people that take gold payments to either pay for their subs or even BoE gear etc.

Late to the party here, but you really should’ve charged him after every 5 levels earned.

Owch. Before the 111 DH freehold run nerf I always made sure to get the payment for each level after each run because of a similar experience.

And in past expansions when offering arena services I always gathered partial payment after each win or each rating achievement along the way to the desired goal

To be fair, I never truly considered those who were willing to pay for runs/achievements/arenas to be -entirely- honest folks let alone to have some solid personal ethics.

There are exceptions (myself for example), but remember that those very same people care more about the progress and the achievement in the end more than they care about holding up their end of the bargain (All of the idiots I’ve seen in trade posting “Ahead of the curve” achievements only to be put on blast by those who carried them).

As for Dullahan, that’s why I don’t take arena rating or achievements too seriously. Mine is pretty low and I’ve managed to best others with higher ratings.

The score doesn’t reflect one’s skill or ability to play their class as much as it used to.