AV que times getting into 2hrs?

Horde on herod had a higher honor/hour
Running into IF killing a couple people and then running back to rez. The top bracket was full of horde who never left IF.


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Any horde who says they don’t mind the long ques are simply lying to justify the reality of the forever growing que times.

Horde has to sit and wait for the que to pop. Farm gold, honor etc in game. You can also go afk and try to time it right.

Alliance can do anything they want, RL or in game, then just que and instantly pvp whenever they want. Probably lose as a pug but atleast you’re playing.

I’m not complaining, but don’t say you don’t mind the “break” between ques. It’s a break you’re forced to take whether you like it or not. Atleast alliance have a choice. I’m envious.

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So this goes to show that the problem is not the Layout of AV etc. The problem is the people that are playing it, and how they play it.

Developers just need to (finally) address the issue of the Bots. And then things will fall in place.

For pvp, arenas feel so balanced. You can feel the push and pull of the match, and when you mess-up you know exactly what you did wrong. 10v10, 15v15 bgs feel like that as well but throw in an extra healer on one side, or 2-4 mythic geared characters and it quickly pushes to one side winning easy.

The “fun” hitting the fan only really starts for the 40v40s. WG and ashran are the biggest offenders. Once you take that first early win and capitalize on it, it becomes (and feels) virtually impossible to win later on. Pvp class balance also goes out the window because all of that balance is designed around arena. Gentlemanly duels cease to exist, with the side winning having more sustained aoe and healers. Sucks seeing an obvious difference in easy of play when jumping on my druid/mage versus playing on my warrior/dk/paladin in those situations.

Thanks for the Invitation. I did read it.

I also invite you to read this one in case you haven’t.
Alterac Valley in Classic

Now, you said that no one was playing 1.12, that is not true. I was playing it every single day back then with my friends and all other alliance in the Battle-group. There were games going every 20-25 minutes (alliance had longer queues back then compared to horde).

The problem is not the layout, the problem is who plays it and how they play it. I stand firm by this because I experienced it.

If we have R12 people Botting in the Cave instead of LEading in the front lines, lets alone the larger number of Newbies on the Alliance side not yet accustomed to Team-play but also without any Direction from the people that do. Then of course how do you want to Win?

It is easy to get people to follow the herd going directly for Drek. But Winning AV is not limited to a 7 minute Joy ride.

It was not meant to be either.

Alliance high ranks are in WSG premades. Don’t fool yourself.
The only ally’s queuing up for AV are mostly casual pugs and bots

That absolutely has no reflection on the map. The fact that the map is advantageous to horde is indisputable. That does not mean it us why we lose. We can win despite the map if we have a good, coordinated team. Most of the time we might have less than half the team willing to play. The horde win because they have map advantage and encounter virtually zero resistance. We give them bunkers, gys, lts and van. If we do try to recap it is maybe 5 people tops. If the horde encounter a team that came to play they usually exploit db and vann. They literally get to shgy and balinda when we do. That one afk marshall is not the problem. The reason he is afk is. Why would a high level player want to put in effort for a team that has no healers, people questing and tons of afk. There is no reason. Av is great when the people are there because they love av and not for rep. Give it time, it will change

We’ve more than welcomed you to reroll!

This is irrevant really.

AV has a Bot Problem, and this needs to be addressed by the Developers.

The rest is up top the players to sort out. Players will play whatever is more fun, and this is the real focus. Teamplay can be learned by anyone, you do not have to be nor High Rank nor a Vet to learn Teamplay.

Besides, this is how you do get to High Rank (other than Botting), anyways. You think the so called High Ranks playing WSG Premades started as High Ranks?

They started low ranks as everyone else, the difference is that they Team Play and this is why they achieved high ranks.

Pug or not, people can learn to Team Play and Win and progress, AND have fun.

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Some of the best conversations I’ve had have been over 40 man comms in AV premades lol. Nothing tangible, just nonsensical fun times. I feel like the fun times that AV premades provided is exactly what the game was built for.

Which is the issue right there, the incels and no lifers who wanted to minmax their pvp “edge” with racials went horde and are causing the queues to go up.

Yea the people who formed premades aren’t that… no sir

I’d say the people who formed premades were just able to do so. If you think that even for a second you wouldn’t have done the same… you are a liar. Plain and simple. Welcome to inceldom you old turd no lifer.

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• 15 dollars a month to wait an hour+ for 30 minutes of gameplay.
• You can also do boss fights from 16 years ago.

Why do I do this to myself? D:

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Found one.

Alliance premades are the vast minority. But I never said Alliance didn’t have neckbeard no-lifers, just saying the ones who cared about minmaxing for pvp went horde.

Don’t worry way ahead of you. Pally is a slow climb but I’m getting there!


Hell yea brother. INCELS… UNITE!!!

Again, it is the issue of the people playing AV and how they Play it.

As for the Marshal AFK I have no Sympathy, that person is a Leecher, and if it were up to me I would strip their “Title” for that behavior demoted back to Private.