AV jan 14th 2020

it wouldn’t.

This hotfix didn’t go out because of GY camping after all; it went out because certain premades were spawn camping the Horde cave for limitless honor as old players left and new players cycled in.

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Back cave should have been a protected spawn from the beginning. Lots of games with 2 clear “sides” to the maps have protected spawns to prevent stuff like this from happening.

If it was protected you could wait until everyone respawned then make a push out, but instead they spawn unbuffed in waves of 10 and just die because there is no spawn protection. This is why I only participate in WPVP for fun.

Blizzard isn’t saying there is anythi g wrong with bottling the opposition up to win the BG, but what they are saying is if you continue to do it long past the point where you could have won the game then it is viewed as griefing.

One is a strategy to win the BG and one is not. Basically they are hoping to do something to stop the behavior rather than to suspend people at this time. However, it sounds like if people don’t change their behavior they will eventually start suspending those doing this.


How deliciously consistent is it that this thread was made by a Rogue. Good God people, you are becoming parodies of yourselves.

Calling you out for proof. Although if true that would make the horde even bigger hypocrites for demanding peavey pea then whining when they got exactly what they asked for.

I’m personally fine with it. I’ve always felt that camping a graveyard was rather poor taste. PvP on a more level playing field is more fun! Being AoE’d down upon rez isn’t really PvP, either.

made by someone who pvps 20 hours a day, so yeah I wanted some clarity on the topic.

Why? The devs made this change on their own. Most Horde I see in here are unhappy about the hotfix.

Video of the incident in question, although apparently this tactic is spreading:

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Then Blizzard should only give the honorless debuff to those ressed @ the starting cave, not to every single GY in the BG.

so they need to correct the terminology of what spirit rez’rs would give honor-less targets.

they also need to address the fact that pre-mades are the ones camping, soo…what is the real root of the problem? the pre-mades.
it looks like everything is going back to them being able to Q together, and us have no coordination to do anything about it

Personally, I think the people doing this should be suspended if Blizzard is going to officially state that it’s “griefing”. Not put in honorless target debuffs.

Then why did they make the honorless status apply to every AV graveyard instead of just the starting spawn? Blizzard just don’t want to spend the time & money to suspend griefers.

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You can always count on idiots spoiling the fun. We’d have way fewer rules and “hotfixes” if folks demonstrated some degree of sportsmanship.

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Great adjustment. Some of these responses are interesting and sadly predictable.

Thanks, Blizzard :+1:

Not really. Capture the GY and move on. If they try to fight you, it removes honorless target.

This only addresses the situation where groups intentionally avoid capping a gy so they can camp and kill people over and over, and be rewarded for it. Very unsportsmanlike.

The behavior is still possible, it is just no longer rewarded.

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I honestly don’t know why this is any different than farming peeps in WSG at the GY as they spawn. I have quit many WSG due to this and when it won’t end. BUT, not against Blizz rules.

THey are in a battleground by choice. They can leave whenever they like. They are not being blocked from play in any other aspect of the game - only this one BG instance. They are being massacred in a battleground - where they are supposed to be massacred. How can that be griefing no matter how extreme the behavior?

So should raid and dungeon bosses be nerfed until the least capable pug can beat them? Afterall, is the boss not griefing the terrible pug team? Obviously not - - - because they don’t have to be in that instance.

Which if you think about it wouldn’t really be effected by the honorless target change, since they were camping way past DR anyways…

whatever happened to just not respawning? it literally takes 2 minutes of not respawning before they get bored and move on


The Blizzard team that made this change can’t seem to leave their PVE attitude behind when judging a pure PVP aspect of the game. The game should not be kind and supportive when in a BattleGround instance.

An indication of how far the dev team has strayed from the Vanilla game. They simply do not understand the motivations and drives of those who wanted Classic.