Av = dont pvp, rush boss

This BG is still a joke. Literally nothing has changed after Blizz “fixed” it. I don’t even think my last game was 10 minutes long. How many devs does it take to figure out how to turn this battleground into an actual battle?


That BG has been broke since it’s inception. It gives the alliance an advantage. (No surprise there.) Don’t sweat it, though. If you’re queueing random, just do your part. That’s what it comes down to. It comes down to individuals just doing their part.

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av fix :eye:
Six keystrokes.

They need to make it so each tower must be burned before you are able to cap the next one, and so on. This would completely eliminate the rush.


The zerg is allegedly being fixed on Tuesday, the next time servers are restarted.

I didn’t realize the Alliance starting cave was the one that started near the middle towers when Alterac Valley was released. :open_mouth:


I’m still seeing end AV bosses being killed w/ 2 towers up.

  • [ With regional restarts ]

Ah, yes. Thank you for pointing that out.

It will be interesting come Tuesday.

I hope few teams will run in with 1 or 2 towers down and get 2 shotted by the boss tomorrow.

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I almost want to queue AV specifics when servers come up just to see the chaos.

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no one wants that

All they would need to do is make both Bosses crazy OP, and then we would all meet in the Field of Strife like the old days!

Cool so Tanks will be needed again!

Typical response.

Typical nonsense solicits typical responses. Horde has had total ownership of AV for some time now and if this fix ends the rush strat then I’m sure that’ll be true again tomorrow.

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/yawn 10char

Aww i liked the AV race. Made it all the more satisfying to back cap or delay towers by a few seconds for a win.

AV would be much better if you needed at least 3 towers or 2 towers and Galv/Balinda to stand a chance on end boss, this race to end boss is garbage.

If it is tuned to become an hour plus slugfest in length, people will love it…the first time.

In a month, if that’s the case, people will leave it faster than Ashran and Wintergrasp put together.

But hey, I’m loving the choices they are making so far this expansion, so maybe they will actually get it right.