AV Bonus Weekend Extended

Following this bug fix, we implemented a subsequent hotfix to extend the current Alterac Valley Bonus Weekend by 24 hours. This weekend has an extra day!

Thank you for your patience.


Cool, I will inform my employer!

I mean, I’m not doing the grind or anything but hey, I’ll take an extra weekend day any chance I can get!

Can you clear the bots out of our AV on wrath?

can we PLEASE get duel spec??? Even with cheaper respec costs it is just toxic doing it all the time! Thanks.

We didn’t get an extra AV day the queue is back to normal. I guess they forgot to tell us they were actually lying to us.

av weekend is still going atm getting bonus honor as we speak

DEAR GOD NO… Now we gotta wait a whole extra day before we get to PVP. Why you do this too me Kaivax?

This bug also occurred in Wotlk classic, yet we did not get an extended AV weekend.

It most assuredly did not lol.

We couldn’t get a que the first evening since AV weekend started at least for 4+ hours. Even after I went on many realms whispering people in the bracket to que for the weekend. So either that or people weren’t queing. But if we could why wouldn’t you want to extend the AV weekened?

reeee true that