Auto attack bug

If you target a boss in the raid you occasionally just start shooting.


Ah I see, that makes sense why I’ve been randomly pulling mobs in the open world when tab targeting when that used to not happen before. Hopefully this does get fixed!

I noticed, at least in Torghast (I’ve not raided much this tier) that manually left clicking an enemy usually doesn’t initiate the auto attack, whereas right clicking them does. This is intentional and has always worked this way, so perhaps it has something to do with tab targeting, though I don’t know enough about the situation to really speculate.

Left clicking also does it, but its periodic so you might not notice for a while then bam it happens.

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Intermittent, not periodic - it is completely unpredictable whether or not it is going to fire. If there was known behavior or some specific interval that triggered the auto attack you could play around it, but that isn’t the case here.


Hello Hunters.

We’re working on the auto attack issue and testing a fix for it. We’ll let you know if our fix addresses the issue and when you can expect to see it in game.


This bug is really frustrating and been ongoing for way too long now. Is there an update on this pls?

Takes a month to fix a auto attack bug for the only bow class in game but fixes the FoV in a day. :thinking:


Any update on this? As a BM hunter, this is a terrible bug and makes every pull very ackward.

Fixed in latest hotfixes


Hey, been since June. Hunters are still in your game. Mind dropping us a line here? Maybe scroll through these very forums. Just saying…it’s been since JUNE.


Bug still isn’t fixed either lol

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+50,000 points for being the first to post in here in who knows how long!!

Go to combat, under options, and make sure enable action targeting isn’t clicked.

Oh look a blue post. Im shocked.

Don’t be, look at the date on it.

Yeah I saw the date. I was more shocked that I saw a lost blue pichachu post in the wild.


Can you please have Blizzard revert the terrible marksman tree changes. No one wants to be forced to play steady focus and everyone hates the new talent. There seems to be next to zero brainpower put into these changes.

Also can we get a hunter developer who plays hunter and not shaman???

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Why hijack the thread? TF is wrong with you?

Thread was very old, I necro’d it to prove a point. This was the last blue post this forum had. In June.

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