Authenticator... Who thought this was a good idea?

Oh, I am in agreement with this. Right now I have to turn off trade just for some piece of mind.

While that may be true, the idea behind it is it makes it much more inconvient, or costly, for the person who got banned. To be able to get back to doing whatever they were doing, as if you get banned like that. You really had to be messing up or really causing issues for the game you got banned from, and generally I would take that as a sign of I need to just stop at that point.

I have it in a separate window just to filter it out all from my regular chat.

Probably the same person who thought it would be a good idea to make the spectral bound chest randomly spawn in the rift.

Seemed to have worked with Gallywix

? What do you mean?

Do you know something about Gallywix players being Hardware ID banned? All I’m aware of is this

All it says is they banned accounts nothing about hardware bans.


I believe that Asmongold has an interview of one or a couple members where that subject came up. Pretty sure it’s still on his youtube channel.

They’re already back.

Go look in the group finder or do you just walk around with your head in the clouds normally?

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So why are you wasting your time whining about this? It’s clear you were planning to leave before this change was implemented, so why not just follow through?

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Who says I’m not following through? You don’t pay for my sub and you certainly don’t dictate what I’m going to do with what’s left of my remaining time.

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You seem to be operating under the belief that you need to do something with your remaining time. Have you ever considered that you can just abandon it? Walk away and do nothing with it? Most people in your situation would be happier doing that, but I suspect you derive some amount of pleasure (and perhaps validation) being a walking Karen meme.

When you start paying my bills I’ll concern myself with your thoughts until then I suggest you go stare at the LFG group finder and think about how those ads tear you soul apart.

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And there you go, assuming I have a soul.

Yeah, I don’t care. That’s a you issue.

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Alright, well… enjoy your final week, I guess, you angsty drama queen, you. :kissing_heart:

Name calling now? A reflection of your brilliance.

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it is a good idea, less LFG spam and a lot of people complaining are booster/ad spams.

I thought you didn’t care? Why do you keep responding?

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You initiated the conversation and ended it with your meltdown.

Blah, Blah, Blah

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