[A][US][Uldum/Antonidas] <Dragonfae> is recruiting info below!

Dragonfae on Uldum/Antonidas is currently looking for dedicated raiders to fill our ranks, we also run mythic+ throughout the week. Our mandatory raid times are 5pm-8pm server time Tues/Wed. Dragonfae is a relaxed environment with no toxicity accepted, and have been that way since BC. We are currently 11/12 Herioc Ny’alotha with plans to progress into Mythic. Examples of things were looking for are Healers: Disc, Restro Druid and/or Shaman, DPS: Warlock, Mage, Hunter, Ele, Shadow, and also are looking for a backup Tank. Whisper Quadesh ingame or add my battlenet @ quadesh#1370 for questions or applications.