Auston Huxworth

Where is this Worgen? What happened to him after Exiles Reach? Did he make it back to Stormwind as well? Is there any actual lore behind this character?


I don’t think so. I believe he’s one of the followers in the follow dungeon feature though. I think he’s the hunter.


There is no lore about him that I know of, but he is the beast mastery hunter follower in the follower dungeons. His pets are two wolves but i don’t recall their names.

I only ever ran 1 follower dungeon for a rep quest and since I’m a hunter myself, Austin didn’t show up. I heard the followers have some witty banter between them, but I didn’t notice. Wish i could see their speech bubbles so the characters become more fleshed out


I’ll have to do a few follower dungeons and see when I get a chance, thanks!

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