[A][US][SARGERAS] Roll Already LF raiders and more for Shadowlands!

Hello everyone! Roll Already is a NEW guild currently recruiting to raid in Shadowlands! Casual players, mythic+ players, PvP players, are all welcome as well. Our main goal is start raiding again though, Friday and Saturday, 10pm-1am Eastern. We went 4/12M in Nyalotha before I took a break and decided to build a new guild for Shadowlands.

Some insight into what Roll Already is? We are an already very active Dungeons and Dragons community with over 500 members in our Discord server. We have a successful community that plays D&D all the time, and have decided to take our name to WoW. We will utilize the same Discord server for our WoW guild, and players are welcome to join in on the D&D fun as well.

We currently need 2 officers for the Guild, so if you have experience feel free to apply.

Our goal is to create a friendly community within WoW for players to enjoy all aspects of the game with people they know, while tackling the difficult raid content via Mythics.

If you’re interested, reply here, or add Weric#11336 on bnet!

Sent a request :slight_smile: