[A][US][Sargeras] <Hootenanny> 1-Day/Week 6/12M Guild LFM

Join our Hootenanny!

I hear there is an opening in the Human Resources department?

Wtf, what character even is that? Shows how much I dwell the forums…

Whooooooo is looking for a solid warlock? Hootenanny is! Don’t let us have owl the fun without you!

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Still need a lock to join our flock!!

Is this a Hoedown or a Hootenanny? Answers people, we need answers…

Why not both??

Updated: looking for some solid DPS!

The early bird catches the M Shadar kill…or something like that…so join us today!!

Looking for a few more dps to migrate our way for the winter!

Have you heard, about the bird?

Birds of a feather kill Shad’har together, so fly on over and join us for the kill tonight!

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Shad’har today, gone tomorrow.

Killed the hungry demon dog, and almost got assimilated in just a few pulls. LF some solid DPS to join us!

A little birdie told me that we were still looking for some solid DPS, with a priority on ranged. Hivemind this week and then high stakes soccer!

What types of books do owls love to read?


Let us take you under our wing today!

Still looking for solid dps to join us!

Time for assimilation! Jooooooooin us.

Almost have Hivemind down. Looking for more dps.

Bump it up

Come join us next week to down Hivemind. Bring your soccer cleats!