[A][US][Pagle] Revenge of the Alliance |Active| |Casual| |Dungeon|

Revenge of the Alliance was founded to make sure there is a guild out there guaranteed to be relaxed and fun. Revenge of the Alliance is still dedicated to progression and helping its members grow, but without the pressures of a hardcore guild.

We are an American EST time zone based guild. Be prepared to work around that for events.
Every week we will do scheduled events, raid, and pvp. There obviously will be numerous unplanned events that just happen when the right people are on. We will help with new alts, with learning the game, and progressing through areas.

I am not going to claim that this guild will be the place to be if you want guaranteed hardcore people to play with, but if you’re looking for a relaxing environment that is friendly and helpful this is the guild for you, you will not be judged by how good or bad you play.

What we are looking for in our members

  1. Active in discord
  2. Respectful of other members
  3. Microphone if your to do raids, or pvp. (need to communicate during raids and pvp)
  4. Willing to help other members grow and learn
  5. Must be active and engaged with other guild mates.

How to Join
Join our Discord channel discord.gg/bVr7c54pzV

We hope to hear from you.

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myself and a few friends might be interested, is this guild still active?

I still run the discord and the guild but it is just me and a couple other friends in it right now. Your more than welcome to check out the discord and look around.


that would be amazing id really appreciate that! add me to disc: wigglehugs so we can schedule a day for me to get invited as im already in bed

edit: i joined your discord! :slight_smile: