[A][US][Lightbringer] <Strips for Silver>

Recruiting for Dragon Flight!

Looking for those interested in joining for Raiding, M+, and/or social members as well.

Simply ask any member for a M+ or social invitation.

If you would like to join for Raiding please contact Sybilrose, or Kstate.

Raid times are tentatively set for 6:30pm - 9:30pm PST Tuesday and Thursday
(There is a chance Thursday may change pending a vote of the current raid members)

Primary Tank positions are currently filled for raid, but there is still room for 1 more flex tank (Main DPS/Tank OS to fill in for odd bosses, an absence, and as a primary M+ tank)

Primary Healing position - available
Flex Healer (Heal/DPS os) - available
Ranged DPS - available
Melee DPS - available