[A][US][Lightbringer] 10/10H <Strips for Silver> recruiting for 9.2!

Raiding since TBC Strips for Silver is opening recruiting for 9.2! We are a semi-casual guild that raids Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-9:30PST. We have been raiding a long time and the best fit would be those that have previous hardcore raid experience but would like to relax a bit more while still getting things done. That being said you don’t have to be an old vet with Master Loot war wounds, newer players are still welcome. Our typical raid tier experience is to progress through new content starting with clearing normal, moving on to heroic as soon as makes sense. AOTC has been achieved consistently across raids. Mythic has not been messed with much during shadowlands due to a player shortage, but will be considered if the numbers are there. The raid team will be on break until 9.2, those wishing to join as a specific role are encouraged to join ahead of time as there are several players that choose which toon to play based on raid comp. If you have any questions or are interested in joining contact Sybilrose in game or leave a message here for me to contact you.

ps- sorry for the boring post! /tired.

Interested in a H priest, just coming back after a few months off. Those times are perfect!

Another Holy priest would be welcome! There are a few healer spots unclaimed at the moment, if you would like to join for one of them contact me in game for a guild invite. Any guildie can invite, but for a raiding position make sure to speak with me once you’ve arrived.