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Errant Venture is a heroic progression guild on Dentarg-Whisperwind continuing into another adventure filled year, 2022 is here! We are looking for anyone who is interested in having fun in WoW from pet battling to achievement hunting to killing bosses.

Our guild has two teams that are focused on heroic raiding needs as listed below:

Smashing Puppets (SP) 10/10H SoD

Wednesday / Thursday 8pm EST to 10pm EST
Current Needs :
Range - Any but prefer Mage, Shadow Priest
Melee - Any but prefer Ret Paladin, Enhancement Shaman

Murloc Mayhem (MM) 10/10H SoD

Monday/ Tuesday 830pm EST to 1030pm EST
Current Needs :
Range - Any but prefer Warlock, Druid, Elemental Shaman
Melee - Any but prefer Windwalker Monk, Havoc Demon Hunter, DPS warrior

We expect the usual: Food / Pre Pots / Flasks are Provided. Come prepared, be on time and ready to go, preferably 10 minutes before the raid time. Learn the fights as we progress. Know your class/spec and try your best.

Please DO NOT transfer expecting an immediate invite. We would like to group with you via some content (dungeons, raid, etc.) to give everyone a chance to get to know one another. We don’t want people transferring right away and then in a week or two we realize it’s not a good fit.

Please contact one of the officers below for more information:
Kohmet#1597 (Discord Tag and Battle net)
Krayola#1960 (Battle net)

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