[A][US][Almost Any Server] Paladin and Warrior LF new home

Hello! I’m the paladin and my buddy is the warrior. We are both longtime players of the game who enjoy pushing content while deferring to real life stuff. Both of us are in our 30s with full time jobs, interests outside of the game, and have significant others who rarely aggro us. That said, we don’t slack in the game and show up ready to tackle content with appropriate flasks, buffs, and homework done on any prog content.

We are both east coast.

My paladin is 2400 IO and I can run all three specs, though I prefer Holy over all. I’m interested in raiding Mythic content, Heroic is good and fine but I really enjoy the challenge of Mythic raiding. I have 1800 rating in 2s, and have been enjoying it more and more every match. My main love in the game is M+!

My buddy is about 1800 IO Arms but has Duelist experience in PvP and is exceptionally talented and knowledgeable in the arena. He is not into raiding and runs M+ as a necessary evil, but can enjoy the content with the right group.

Both of us play a LOT of alts. Most of my toons are at least 1.5k IO; favorites are sub/outlaw rogue and ele sham. Buddy loves his lock and his rogue most of all.

I would love to get into a reliable group for M+, maybe get into some raids if there’s room, and do some PvP. My buddy is mostly into PvP and wants to push that, but he likes to do a little bit of everything in the game. Do you do RBGs? We would LOVE to do some serious RBGs.

Here’s the catch… We would have to transfer server. We’ve done some research and have found some good server options for us to xfer to. All of our characters are on an awful server we joined long ago with the promise that it had a strong economy. It does have one, but it’s also got a ton of f’ing weirdos. Yes, it’s Moon Guard, and yes, it’s as awful as you’ve heard. It does have character and a decent PvE/PvP community but it’s also a generally awful environment, and there’s the awful stigma of being from the server when we pug content.

Anyway. Let me know if any of this sounds reasonable or like we might be a good fit for your guild!

Hey bud! We have a small group building a new guild with similar ideals as yourself. Many of us are in or around our 30s with jobs, families, lives, etc, but when we do game, we like to do it right.

If you are open to faction changing and transferring, we may be a good fit for you if you two want to get in on the ground floor of something great. We recently move from Alliance ourselves.

I’ll leave our recruitment thread below for you to check out. If it seems like a good fit, feel free to hit me up, and we can move from there.