Augvoker Attunement autoswitch needs to go

The automatic switching of Bronze/Black attuments while using Hover and other skils needs to seriously go away. Hover is especially annoying in the middle of combat when you want your Black attunement to stay active. For the love of all that’s good and holy, please get rid of that feature and just let us manually change it!


The talent is literally worded this way and you don’t have to talent it.

All you need to do is hover first before scales, wait the gcd and change it, and/or macro black attunement to eruption.


The problem is you’d be throwing if you didn’t. Its way too powerful not to take.

This is a non-issue if you macro black attunement into Eruption. I’d rather they didn’t change it. It’s helpful.

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Wait… it does that?

  • #showtooltip Eruption
  • /cast [nostance:1] Black Attunement
  • /cast Eruption

You can also just create a macro that allows you to manually switch between the Attunements.

/cast [stance:1] Bronze Attunement; [stance:2] Black Attunement

^ You have to turn one of the Attunements on to get this macro to work


I mean tbf they’re ilvl 351, they’re not throwing anything to spec however they want to.

Even when you get to the point where it would be, there are very easy workarounds.

It may be a non issue to you, but it is to me. The fact you have to macro fix around says a lot imo.

I macro it for easier control, not because I don’t like it, though.

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because some people like movement speed. It’s a you issue.

Nah, if I’m using Hover during a fight then there’s probably something going on that the rest of my party would benefit from having the bonus speed, too. And being able to macro black attunement into Eruption means I don’t need to think about it ever.

Wait. I thought you had to cast blistering scales to get the black stance. Does this mean you can change the atunement even if scales is on CD? If so thats real good.

Yes, you can swap between attunements just like stances on any other class. They have a 3 second shared cooldown, but do not trigger a gcd. If you use hover, you’re forced into bronze attunement for 3 seconds unless you use scales to ignore its cd and force it back, but you can always just wait 3 seconds and manually swap the attunement back.

Nice! Didn’t realize that, thank you for that!

Wat. Who’s out there wiping/dying because the Augmentation Evoker was making the party move fast instead of having extra health? Hover to move and keep up with your party, hit the tank with scales as they’re pulling and bam Black Attunement. :dracthyr_shrug:

I just decided to not take the auto talent and instead baked a stance macro onto my hover and my normal attacks.

Blistering scales does not auto trigger black attunement. That falls onto obsidian scales, your 30% wall.

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Loved seeing this wildly inaccurate understanding of the spec following such a smug start to the post, lol.


Obsidian Scales activates Black Attunement, and amplifies it to increase maximum health by 16.0% for 13.8 sec. Hover activates Bronze Attunement, and amplifies it to increase movement speed by 40% for 4.6 sec.

lel 'cept it isn’t. :man_facepalming: Sure Obsidian Scales isn’t applied to the tank. Whatever. Activating it still swaps to Black attunement.

I didn’t say Blistering. Reading back through you’re the only person to refer to Blistering Scales in a post about an auto-switch passive that largely revolves around Hover and Obsidian Scales.