Aug and Evokers

Anyone else just kinda… sat their evoker since aug came out?
I hate aug and refuse to play it, but nobody wants a devoker so I just went back to my hunter.


I raid mythic on a devoker and have no issue getting m+ groups, I’ve found it weird that people here have struggled with that so much but I can appreciate that it’s all anecdotal.

I’m more worried about how it’ll progress into next tier unless they swing from the current nerf to a buff, but I’ll be main swapping to enhance so at least I’ll get to watch from afar.

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I mean, if you enjoy hunter, by all means play it, but if you’re worried about nobody wanting a particular class or spec, hunter is not a great choice.


This is also a great point… I’m not sure what you’re doing that your hunter is having an easier time getting groups than your devoker.

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I mean i have a guild and friends that i play with so i can play whatever spec i choose.

But i realize that makes me an outlier here.

Nah, if anything I play it more now that aug is out, I love aug :dracthyr_love_animated:


No. Play dev with no issues, go pres or aug at times. Mostly guild runs, though.

It’s pretty much an offensive bard spec, so i don’t get what all the fuss is about. If people are this worked up over a bard type spec, i can see why they didn’t actually add a bard class itself.

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I feel people that refuse to play a spec on some kind of nonsense “principal” (lol) are shooting themselves in the foot.

It’s a fun spec and people still play and invite devokers. You’re being a drama ilama for no reason and hating a spec without even trying it. It’s just childish.

But also hunter over evoker? Lol literally shooting off your foot to spite a better class because Aug…

At least go warlock and be a closet case to be useful.

Aug is great, the petty nonsense needs to go.

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I love Augmentation. I feel like I get invites to groups as easy as a tank or healer, but don’t have the responsibility of either. I just get to have fun and buff buddies

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And there it is, the quiet part out loud. All the benefits of tank/healer, none of the risk or responsibility. No leading groups or struggling to heal.

The hallmarks of getting-carried, the spec.


I prefer Dev over Aug while it is fun but after so long being a buff bot got really tired and I’d rather heal instead lol.


Yeah, if you mean Augs carry the other 4.

From experience, my success rate at completing M+ is substantially higher as an Aug than as any other dps I’ve played because if Aug is played well and your group is competent the results can be incredible.

If anything, Aug provides the tools for the other four to carry. We’re not doing any of the carrying.

In fairness, Aug is still the spec getting carried, in this sense. “Played well” in mythic plus just means hitting buffs when they’re back up and not using breath at dumb times. It’s not even remotely complicated.

Your statement sort of contradicts itself, since an Aug “played well” in a group with floorpov DPS is still contributing very little.

Their statement was a little hyperbolic, but an Aug that’s hitting their buttons is still pointless without their DPS pumping and staying alive.

okay buddy

Aug got old fast. The auto-invites and carries were cool, but being a buff bot is so boring. Not worth, imo.