Auctioneer from Curse won't run?

I have the current Auctioneer suite from Curse. I can’t find any special TBC version on Curse, and the current suite won’t load in-game. A red warning screen pops up that I need classic client 1.13 but I can’t find what client version TBC Classic is.

Is there any other source for Auctioneer for TBC Classic?

Note: I have Auctioneer suite in Addons and all enabled. Other addons working fine.

You need to go to the Auctioneer website and get the TBCC version. There is no working TBCC version available elsewhere as far as I am aware.

Ahh ty … you mean skip Curse. I should have thought about that. So used to getting everything from Curse. Ty again, will try that.

Edit: I went to auctioneeraddon…com but could not find a TTBC version. Hmm?

The version I downloaded from Curseforge a while ago works pretty well.

I see this on the webpage in the Comments:

“… curseforge…/wow/addons/auctioneer/files/all build 6718 works for both classic and classic_era.
Ensure ‘load out of date’ is selected in the AddOn Control panel from the lower left of the Character Selection screen and that Auctioneer, Stubby, Informant, and Beancounter have a gold checkmark next to their entries.”

And in the Auc-Advanced toc file on my computer I see this:
Version: 8.2.6430 (SwimmingSeadragon)
Revision: $Id: Auc-Advanced.toc 6430 2019-10-20 00:10:07Z none $

I hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ty, will try again to run Auctioneer current classic suite and see if load out of date eliminates the red warning screen that says it wont run except in Classic and Retail

I used Auctioneer all the time back in 2010 and it helped a lot

If you are going to Curseforge, don’t click the first download link, like on the search results page, that will usually download the Retail version. Go to the specific page for the addon and click the appropriate download button there (usually there are multiple choices; Retail, Classic and so forth). Or go to the sub-page referenced above and get that “build”. :slightly_smiling_face:

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