Auction House Nightmare!

So Blizz… you think combining all the AH’s together so the bots will run the markets is a good idea? Seriously? This is hands down one of the stupidest things you’ve ever thought of. You mean to tell me that I am forced to be on a dead server but bots from EVERY SERVER, get to dictate my market?!? Supply and demand, you know, the American way… like the world economy… so someone from another planet essentially gets to dictate my market here on this one, that’s what your telling me, and not only one planet, 10s of planets… wow… y’all really don’t know how to run a game do you… you know how to ruin one though. My market should be my market, i NEED to be able to corner a market! I NEED to be able to not have something on the market to create a demand for said item… this is a cash grab, all you see is $$ signs and your gonna run this game into the ground from your greed! Wake up and realize that sometimes things need to be hard, that’s what makes the reward worth obtaining, if it’s all easy there’s no feeling of reward and your players leave to find that high! For the love of all things good wake up and realize you can’t monetize this, it needs to be organic… supply and demand needs to be realistic or you will just have bot farms
I payed for a sub just to post this, that’s how important this is to me and I’m sure the rest of the community as well!