Auction House Much Slower Today - June 16

bots aren’t allowed tho

let’s see… require an input for every action vs. requiring input when an external program f’s up… hmm…

you’re just making yourself look bad dude

But that’s exactly the point of an auction house: to offer things for sale to the highest bidder at the highest price the market will bear. It’s not manipulation - it’s what an Auction House does.

If bots are manipulating the system, then sure, do what you need to do to kill the bots. I’m not a bot. I work the AH on one toon (occasionally two, but it’s always me doing the work.) I buy items that someone else put on the AH at the price they decided to post it for, and then I either use those items or repost them at a price that allows me to make a profit. That’s how any open economy works.

I welcome this change. As someone who plays the auction house as well in my spare time, get undercut instantly by some no-life goblin every time I post is pretty annoying. AH should serve the masses, not a few no-lifers.

dBm element manipulation effects everybody thay does or doesn’t have the add on via markers. it sounding a siren or flashing crap on your screen has no negative impact on game economy or other people.

I don’t even know how you can compare AH automation and abuse to a raid announcer.

the reality is many people are happy with this change and many people wouldn’t care if TSM died and there’s a reason for it.

too bad your initial posting is now going to take an unbearably long amount of time. its a broken system.


This is really good, maybe the next step will be to remove or make illegal auction house addons. That would be a bit extreme but else I’d even be in for them to make the ah cut higher to reduce reposting.

Edit. Also thanks to TSM making a tweet about it getting everyone that use it go in this thread which ends up locking it up xd

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You’re right, they should remove DBM, too.

It wont automate any of those things he said BUT it will cook your pizza to perfection automatically.

I just posted on 3 toons, was pretty chill.

Then you’re on the wrong server mate. Lower pop servers do not have lag - only the severely overpopulated ones like area 52, illidan ect.

I think you may be a little confused so ill try and explain it to you, each scroll of the mouse wheel is considered a click. This is not automation. Actually it’s not even a tsm thing, i can setup a macro to do this with the standard AH UI.


next up they need to kill weak auras and design their encounters in a way that don’t need those horrid add-ons.

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Any “abuse” comes at the hands of bots. What if… and bare with me it might be a bit difficult… if blizz just worked on another large bot banwave and active monitoring and banning? I wonder if AH load would drop dramatically… If not how about work on solutions with the community like working on load fixing issues with addon to server communication that would aleviate the problem without causing slow down for all players and limiting gameplay avenues.


You can do the frost mage rotation in classic with that lol

Good to know that Blizzard is continuing with their BFA strategy of fixing problems that weren’t there.


No point in trying to explain anything to that guy, he’s as dense as a wall. He doesn’t even understand the difference between an addon and a macro.


This is a horrible “fix”. Add-ons by their very nature give players an advantage over those that do not use them. Healing add-ons, DPS add-ons, Siming add-ons, all are created to give the players that use them an advantage over those that do not. And Blizz hasn’t had a problem with the use of these in game.

And why create a commodities market if you do not want players to play the market. If people sell low, others will buy and resell. It’s the nature of the AH that you’ve created. If people do not like the price of the item because it is too high, then they do not buy it.

Hot fixing something as important as the AH and not actually getting feed back on the issues that we are facing is really underhanded.

Why not fix the issue of players either crashing or inflating the economies instead?


As this thread has far exceeded the purposes of the Bug Report forum, we’re closing it here.

Thank you very much to everyone who posted feedback on how the AH now feels for typical use. We’re looking into exactly how the throttle is configured to consider making adjustments that will make it feel better while meeting our stated goals.

Thank you!