Auction House Issues

I’m still getting the error that I have active auctions.


Can confirm that my past auctions that sold have now delivered gold.

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The sold auction rows display incoming gold amount before the 5% AH cut, which is deceptive.

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Where’s the sub-par part? Curious as to what you actually have a complaint about. What clarity are you referring to? So far EVERY issue I have seen has been addressed in one way or another within hours of the issues arising in one way or another. They don’t need to tell you XYZ if ABC covers the problems.

just got a few gold, it should be fine now…?

Also having this issue and it makes posting auctions take waaaaay longer than it should. Please upvote Exopal’s comment so blizz hopefully looks at this…

I’m still getting the error that I have active auctions.

Yup, same here.

Yup, I got my gold today from an auction I posted 72 hrs ago. It was the last of 4 I had put up. The unstack-able items no issues, but this final listing was for a Veiled Crystal.

Been trying to transfer this toon to another server but it keeps saying I have active auctions up when I haven’t posted anything. It keeps saying
“Error. Please address the following issues:
-This character has active auctions. Please cancel them and try again.”


Yeah I don’t think they got quite everything

Got my gold from my auctions, looks like I’ll resub :slight_smile:

Still having some issues posting auctions, but receiving the gold from them was awesome. :slight_smile:

Figured it was fixed since I got all my gold. Then I bought 170k worth of Tidespray Linen, and it took my money and still hasn’t sent me any of the tidespay linen in over a day.

So… it’s not working properly yet still.

Same exact thing just happened to me about an hour ago.

same thing happened to me today, recieved all gold last nite, logged in today, cancel and reposted some auction. bought 100k worth of tidespray, now i am not recieving sold auction gold, canceled auctions, mail from other toons. went on another server where i have auctions up and working fine.

I got gold from past auctions. Ill check if something is missing.

everything was working fine, up until the point i bought the 100k worth of tidespray

seconding Shanar up above. I’m also unable to transfer realms due to “active auctions” and I have also been trying for about a week now. I’ve checked and double checked every suggestion in every thread and still have the same error text as above. that issue appears to remain unresolved


This issue has not been resolved for my character. Still have not received gold in mail and am unable to transfer

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I received some, and now it is not working again. I guess it has not been fixed

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