Auction house changes, yay or nah?

Blizzard doesn’t belong telling people what they should list their items for outside of GG SS model that already exists. Simply making it a shared portion of items sold, or random of items sold would result in some people undercutting, others being ok with sharing and ultimately would add an additional layer of interesting choices. Heck, I might even stop undercutting on FIFO as I do currently (and I hear about it even though my undercuts are sensible to both buyers, competitors and the overall health of the market - unlike a mandatory 10% ridiculous undercut).

Nay. I understand their concern. But I doubt someone like me who posts around a hundred items and scans for 34 items and does it three times a day is the target of this change. But I’m noticeably effected by it. If their concern is the 0.1% the fix should target them.

It’s a super hard concept Rod. It requires big minds to try and implement. But luckily for us, Blizz has the money to do it. Just got to wonder if they can comprehend why they should though.

Its a really poorly thought solution to a problem that didn’t exist, Its basically a GCD on the AH now. Revert the change Ion or you can bet your bottom dollar I am going back to Eve Online.

You are only effected if you using some addon to scan every single item on the AH to price gouge people.

This is a good change.


A few minutes ago, we significantly relaxed the throttle on all Auction House operations except canceling auctions.

Please feel free to reply to this with you feedback on how it feels now.

Thank you!


Posting feels like it used to. Canceling feels horrible. Canceling is a requirement with the current way auctions are handled with last posted gets sold first. There is no need to have this restriction. Please remove it or rework the AH.


A million times better. Completely acceptable in my opinion. Although I don’t cancel much myself.


Didn’t expect the feedback to be acted upon. Don’t often say this, but good job Blizz.


This is great news! Scans are running extremely smoothly now and feel great. The offer to help to reduce the load TSM is causing on the servers still stands, even if your real goal is (seemingly) just to punish canceling (which I’m not against for the record).


Thank you for the timely response :grin:

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Uh. No. How about no.


Cancel scan is bad and needs to go away, but I will agree they need to do more to address why it is better to cancel scan.


Thank you so very much for listening to feedback!

I am able to post pets and transmogs on my servers at an acceptable rate now and am quite happy.

If the AH gets laggy again, please look into keeping the throttle limited to servers who are having excessive lag and not throttling all server sizes equally.

But I am quite happy with this now and I’m sure the vast majority of ‘goblins’ in the goldmaking community are as well :smiley:

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A BIG thank you! I just cancelled 50 auctions (only cuz I already had them posted) and re-posted and it went smoothly. I can work around not having to cancel auctions. Thank you!

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I just tested what they changed and I did a cancel scan.

Scanned 300ish items in the AH, 160 were undercut, the scan was mostly undisturbed, spammed the cancel button and experienced throttling at approximately 49 cancels up from 30ish. The remainder were about 4 or 5 seconds between each cancel. I haven’t tested posting yet as I am currently “throttled” but it still kicks in too quickly in my opinion.

The fact is if you are keeping transmogs in the AH, it requires upwards of 500-1000 items to be regularly sitting in the AH to see consistent daily sales… and you are required to cancel scan at least once a day to keep the items relevant due to undercutting. I would like to see the cancel throttle at LEAST set to 150 as that is much closer to the amount of items i regularly see undercut… but perhaps put a time penalty on receiving the items so people can’t undercut CONSTANTLY throughout the day… Also with people putting up say… enchants or whatnot stackable items are significantly less of an issue than transmogs… so it gives those selling materials a lot less hassle then those selling unstackable items… Perhaps that needs a tweak as well considering i can cancel a stack of 2000 items with one “click” out of my 49 and simply repost immediately, but I have to use 49 clicks on 49 green items


I’m a bit flabbergasted, I didn’t expect an immediate response and significant compromise.

Thank you, I’ll pay close attention when I repost tomorrow and if I have additional feedback, I’ll be back to leave it.

However, I suspect I’ll be happy with this change, so if you don’t hear from me later - thank you.


I do agree, and thank the devs for lifting the posting restrictions. But, taking two things away then giving one back is not even close to being back to what it was just 2 days ago.


I’m an old,uneducated grandma who has grandkids in college.I learned TSM,it really is not hard
.Anyone can do it.


I’ve already cancelled my account. This is not going to make me resubmit.