Attempting to return to WoW, feeling very lost

Have you ever felt like you’ve already experienced everything in this game and really wish you could experience it through the eyes of a noob again? Well, let me tell you this kinda sucks, haha. I’ve been trying to get back in for a few months. I haven’t really been regular since early BFA and it’s the first time I’ve gone this long into an expansion without hitting a cap on anything.

I log on, and everything is new, from the UI, the the talent trees, to the social channels, everything feels different. When I log onto Emerald Dream my main is in ORG and it’s always empty so I’m not even sure if there is a new capital city that players hang out in now or if my server is simply dead.

This all being said, it really feels like I’d benefit from a fresh start. New Character, class, race, server. And with that, I gotta ask, through all the changes which servers are doing well, better yet, what guilds are doing well, that are active and having fun together? I’ve seen this often being far more important than what server it’s on. Are communities doing well?

Where should I look to start?

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Also returned recently after over 10 years away. During peek time, look at the servers list for “High” or “full” population in the list. Right this moment would be a good time. There are some 14 servers that are full with 5 or so at high.

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Ive been learning again.
My advice,
take it slowly, dont do any ‘level boosts’ (save them for later or dont use them at all)

take your time setting up your interface / addons / macros etc. this is very important.
you need to be comfortable with your interface especially your keybinds / mousebinds etc.

turning of xp is your friend while you level and learn new talents , spells , dungeons etc
once your comfortable with your abilities again, turn xp back on, level up, get your new talents , spells , etc then turn xp off again.
rinse and repeat.
ignore ‘elitest’ that talk crap in groups. (if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all)

Dont skip dungeons like i originally did, use them to get comfortable with your character and your role / s in groups
Dont quest to 70 and then try dungeons / pvp. there is to much new stuff to learn and its a lot harder learning 20 things (or more) at once than 1 at a time.


I’m with this guy. I haven’t played in years, and I kept seeing posts about classic hardcore, so I jumped into that and had some real good fun. But I died there, so I decided to give retail a shot and everything is so different. I also feel like nobody is even around. Everywhere I go in the world…i’m just alone. I’ve never seen WoW like this before, usually you see all kinds of folks just leveling their characters/alts. But, I went to chromie, picked a timeline and got sent to badlands. I rode my raptor mount around and nobody was around. This is quite opposite of classic hardcore WoW.

I queued up for some dungeons and its just a kite-fest. The tank just runs around and agroes all of the mobs until there’s about “10 pulls” worth of mobs and its just an AoE fest. There’s no tact to these dungeons, so I’m just left chasing the group from behind figuring out my spells and playing catch-up with the group.

Is this what the game is now? Just agro all the mobs and aoe them to death?


Been playing since Vanilla and took a huge break at the start of SL and thru BFA came back to DF weeks before the launch and leveled and geared my mains thru PUGs was sitting at 70 first week into launch and realized it was a different game in that its seems to be streamlined more for the “E-sport” player than casual player. In a game this old ppl are definitely more clannish & elitist as well. Its a bit overwhelming too all of the new PVE content and currencies, so I usually just solo grind old content and pvp. Im not a fan of dragonriding either, got all the “glyphs” and still dont like it. I wouldve been more interested if this was flight for our actual character with our own wings, than the flying ability remake, fast travel but obnoxious for gathering. Idk hopefully with Metzen back :man_shrugging:t5: we shall see…

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I haven’t played since early 10.0 and I feel lost. I finished leveling a toon to 70 and don’t know what the hell to do. And the in game community now a days isn’t very helpful. Even the little guild I was in kept saying to google it. But I dont’ even know what to google. I just feel lost lol.

I have been very tempted also to just go to a server I have never played on and start completely fresh.

That wont help unless you fish for a guild that actually isnt filled with jaded elitists first, then join their server.

WoW is in its later years, a large part of the playerbase only care about themselves and not even trying to helping the game grow, actually, neither is Blizzard. I suggest looking at the server forums and see if you can find a guild advertising they are accepting to new people and are willing to help you get back in.

I personally gave up trying to do that and will just solo the story and go back to one of the several other MMOs that are not closed off like this one is.


I agree with you but finding a good guild is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I have guild hopped for a few years now, sometimes trying to fill needed roles, but more often just sitting back and doing my best to be a good member. They never work out for one reason or another.

Yeah, I somewhat gave up too. I solo mostly because of it. Not sure what the solution is tbh.

Oh I know, thats why I suggested looking at the server forums for guilds actually advertising being helpful with new players :wink:

All I can say is good luck mate.

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Yeah I will look at those. I hadnt thought to look there. Much appreciated.

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Id suggest just going for keys and raid on start, get yourself familiar with endgame even if u have to start at +0mythic and raid finder. Also as mentioned finding a good guild or community will go a long way if u can be social they might even boost u a little so u pick up things faster.

There is so much outdoor content stacked on top of another and most of it is time restrictive, so just forget about that for now or only do Emerald Dream and even there just focus on Superbloom event and Dream Wardens weekly that give u gear, u will always have time to do outdoor content once u reach ur goals in pve/pvp

Good luck.

The problem here is that players are too overpowered by now for those dungeons. I would suggest to level to max with quests if levelling dungeons are too fast for you and then do some +2 mythic plus keys or LFR. This probably gives you a good feeling on how the endgame content plays out while still being easy enough to allow a lot of mistakes and still be able to complete the content.