Attacking mechanics

hello. i am new to this game and i am a warrior. I wanted to ask how exactly does attacking work? I am confused in regards to whether it is automatic or manual. If i am attacking an enemy and i target him does my sword automatically attack for me or do i click on my mouse and control the swings?

You should always be using a hot keyed skill from your ability book “P key”. Important! All skills should be on key bindings you should never click your mouse on the hot bar to use a skill! Some good keys to assign skills are q,e,r,f,z,x,c, t, 1-5. Use tab with pinky to cycle targets. Change a and d keys to strafe instead of turn. Hold right mouse button to turn.

If your in melee range, you will automatically perform a basic auto attack if you don’t use a skill during a global cd, but it’s low damage.

See the popular icy veins warrior class guides to learn the proper rotation and best talents. Change specs and assign talents with the “N” key. I would queue (while questing) for dungeons with randoms in the dungeon finder (I key) starting at level 15.

thank you for the tips. i think those will help.

Anytime. If you decide to stick with the game, I recommend the Logitech G600 MMO mouse it’s cheap on amazon. The mouse has 12 side buttons to assign instant skills so you don’t have to stop moving. You can also use shift + mouse buttons for 12 more, and pull left and right on the middle mouse button for 2 more.

The keys I mentioned in the first post can be used with shift and/or alt + keys to add more hotkeys as well.

There should be an option in the game menu to turn on auto attack. Thereafter, left-click targeting an enemy will start auto attacking when ever you are in range of your target.

Auto-attack damage is “white damage” when it scrolls across your screen. It is based upon weapon speed and average damage per hit.

As Astryss noted though, you really want to use your learned spells/strikes. They apply multipliers to your swings. The multipliers are usually inherent in the ability and are further enhanced by your stats on gear. For a plate wearer, your primary stat will be strength. It will significantly enhance your strikes.
Damage produced by abilities scrolls as a yellow damage number.

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If your in melee range, you will keep auto attacking after you use the first skill to engage combat without clicking the target. OP, use tab to target…clicking targets will hurt your dps and movement. If your clicking, you can’t turn holding the right mouse button, and the A and D keys should be changed to strafe if your not a healer.

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