[A][Stormrage] <Not Even Close> ATDH 8/9M 68% Int Fyrakk - Tue/Wed 9pm-12am EST

Guild & Server: Not Even Close :Alliance: US-Stormrage
Raid Times/Days: Tuesday & Wednesday 9:00pm-12:00am EST
Current Progression: 8/9M ATDH - 68% Int Fyrakk - still actively progressing
Discord Contact: Shivreign
Application: Contact Shivreign, will send via Discord
Raider IO: Not Even Close on Stormrage
Warcraft Logs: Guild ID 725497 on Warcraft Logs (/guild/id/725497)
Requirements: Strong logs, reliable attendance, personal accountability, CE mindset, non-toxic, awareness and good attitude.
*Any exceptional DPS, especially ranged DPS
*One bench healer able to play DPS offspec

We look forward to hearing from you!

Still looking for quality members to push CE

Bump for that push towards CE!

Smolderon down, Tindral prog has begun!

lettts gooo

We’re into P2 Tindral prog. Still looking for exceptional DPS and a healer willing to play a DPS offspec.

Nearly at the end of P2 Tindral prog. Still open to have anyone matching our needs trial with us. Will need to close the doors soon until Fyrakk for any new faces that haven’t seen the Tindral fight yet.

We have an immediate need for 1 mage to come prog Tindral P2 (48%) with us. Strong mythic logs for at least 5/9M required for consideration. Apply today!

We’re into P3 Tindral (36%)! Still looking for a mage with at least 5/9M cleared with solid logs.

Immediate need for a great mage to push tswift and then Fryakk. Great team of players.

Still looking for a solid mage to finish the tier.

Tindral down to 6%. Come join for Fyrakk and into next tier!

Tindral down, onto Fyrakk!

Into P2 Fyrakk - looking to start trialing raiders for S4/TWW. Please check the needs in the original post. Thanks!