[A][Stormrage] Lock looking for Late Night/Weekend raiding guild

Hi all, I know its late with DF launching soon, but if any AOTC focused/light mythic guilds are still looking on Stormrage (been my home for a while now and am kinda attached to it) for a Warlock main (still deciding on an alt, maybe this warrior, also looking at an off spec healer but time will decide that). I have some light mythic experience (got 9/11 m Nyalotha) and AOTC experience just didn’t vibe well with Shadowlands so didn’t do much that expansion. Late nights and weekend times work best with my schedule. If anyone has a spot open let me know!

Thanks and looking forward to DF with a new family.

I need to find a late night guild also

Hello! Tempered is an AotC focused guild looking for a warlock to compete our raid roster. We raid Friday and Sunday from 9-12 PM EST.

If this works for you, and you want to talk more, let me know! Bnet is Serenity#1266

Hey There!

Chee Kon is recruiting for Dragonflight. We are accepting all members/specs at this time, both casual and those interested in raiding. We AOTC’d Nathria in Shadowlands and plan on doing the same this XPAC. As we get closer to raid release we will be more thoughtful on raid comp.

We will be raiding from 7PM PST - 10PM PST Mon/Wed.

We have more fun than we do being super serious, but the leadership of the guild all has extensive high rank raiding experience.

Please reach out to the below individuals if you are interested in hearing more!

BNET: Tacobucket#11442
Discord: Ginobli#1260

BNET: Burtron#1991
Discord: Cheekon#8549