Assign staff to work this forums bugs and fix them already

No devs work or read the Website bug report forums anymore. This is apparent from both the lack of replies and nothing ever being fixed that gets posted there.

Months and months shouldn’t go by with broken website features people use. So make our voices heard and go tell someone to start doing their job over there please.


By nature of the title itself, the forum is one for people to report bugs. It’s a one-way method of communication. The only time you’ll see a Blue Dev or CM posting there is if they need more information on the issue.

Just because you don’t see them posting does not mean they’re not being read.

Welcome to Customer Support, not Customer Service. This forum is one for players to assist other players. It is not a contact point for staff. While we’ve got some pretty nifty SFAs that pop in and out, they’re here to offer insight and advice and to keep us hoodlums in line. They don’t relay along messages such as these, and by nature of this forum, no other staff comes here, so you’re not being heard by anyone at all but us, your fellow players.

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That’s your assumption though. It’s incorrect too.

Best not to troll the most heavily moderated forum too.


Just tou touch on this; you’re not paying to use the website. The website isn’t part of your sub, and they can take it down in an hour and they’re within their rights as your sub only allows you to play on the server, not use a website or get a given thing personally fix.


Even just a little hint that it was read I think would go a long way for us being the customers to know that it was at least acknolwedged. Yet I feel this might be just a limitation of the garbage product of the forums since it wasn’t developed by Blizzard but an outside vendor

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No, It’s the logical conclusion when things that were reported months and months ago are still broken and have gone untouched. Meanwhile harder to fix in game bug reports are still being worked and fixed in the same time frame.


Nobody is “bootlicking” here. This is a PLAYER TO PLAYER support forum. The forum regulars here like to give information to others. They take time out of their day to do this. Insulting people because you don’t like the answer is rude and disrespectful.

I have only had one problem with the website which was changing my forum avatar. That was fixed some time ago as I don’t have that issue anymore. So that blows your theory out of the water that no one fixes anything when posting in the Website Bug Report forum.

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I use the website every day and have not noticed any forum-breaking bugs.

Maybe what you think is a bug really isn’t. What issue are you having?

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Armory pages not loading or being found for some characters, Character not found to post on forums, Armory pages not being updated for other characters, Forum avatars all red on some characters, these are just to name a few and these have been reported for months now with no fix.


It seems the OP has 3 issues.

  1. That they can’t swap characters on the forums to post with a different one.
  2. That some avatars are bright pink or bright red.
  3. Armory not loading

Both are bugs, I think. The inability to swap characters resolved for me on its own a few days ago. I had to log all the way out and all the way back in, but now I can switch chars. For now.

That may eventually be resolved by having this forum function like all the other Blizzard forums, which is how they were originally made. That means one ID such as Battletag, which is a public ID. Characters would be avatars and still show, but the main ID with post history, post count, trust level, flags, likes, etc - would be at the Bnet level. No more char switching between mini forum accounts.

For the graphics issues on some chars, that is a textures issue that is on Blizzard to resolve. It is minor in the grand scheme of things.

Reality is though we only pay for game access. The forums are a nice bonus, but they don’t have to exist and Blizz could take them away at any time without violating any player agreements. Many companies have done away with them and just watch the Reddit threads or discords.

Armory is a long standing Blizzard website issue. It is never consistent. Further, people can turn off data sharing in their account security which may impact that.

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Oh, I absolutely agree, you’ll not get a word of argument from me there. While we’re lucky here to have some great SFAs who do interact with us here on CS, the Devs on the other hand? Their communication just flat-out sucks across the board. While I’m of a mind that if they’re not wasting their time with idle postings, they’ve got their nose to the grinder, as it were, more focused on fixing something as I would prefer when something is in dire need of fixing? They absolutely should have more of a presence then what they’ve done. It would solve so many issues and help to at least let people know they’re still here and they are seeing their issues.

Hey Orlyia, why not fire off a company email to the popper department for us since you have time to edit forum posts?

Because that is not the job of the Support Forum Agents. It is not the proper channels for Bug Submission at Blizzard, even for internal things. She did her job, which was to put your thread in the forum where Website Devs review things.

None of the Blizzard Bug Report forums are interactive. They don’t comment on bugs unless they need more information, which is rare. That happens more in Tech Support with troubleshooting.

Your concerns are currently reported in the right place -the Website Bug Report forum. That is all you, or anyone else, can do.

They don’t ask for bug information even when they need to, and you trying to say otherwise shows you’ve not taken a look in those forums at those posts in a very long time.

I am well aware of the current bugs in the Website software, including the ones you mentioned. I already posted about those in this thread.

I am aware of and have discussed other website and forum design flaws that, while not bugs, are detrimental to the user experience.

They don’t need more information on the bugs. They KNOW what is going on. The forums and website will get fixed when and if it is assigned as a priority.

You might not like that timeline or agree. I might not like that timeline or agree. However, we don’t pay for the forums or website and don’t get to tell them how to do their jobs.

We pay for it in the long run. $15 a month from everyone who uses the service goes a long way to making sure that money gets used a bit everywhere.

Blizzard’s website is very extensive and covers all their games, products, news, promotions, etc. It is not funded by, or supported by, WoW subs. As much as we might like to think that. WoW is a small part of the overall Website that the team is responsible for, and WoW subs are a small part of the overall revenue streams Blizz takes in.

For all we know, the website funding comes out of Overwatch MTX + Hearthstone card packs. :woman_shrugging:

It may frustrate you, but hopefully understanding how the teams are set up, how Blizzard communicates between teams (or does not communicate), and how the website is viewed and structured helps. The WoW Support Forum Agents can’t do what you want them to do. No more than the Hearthstone, HotS, Diablo, or other folks.

And until they hire people to start reading and fixing the bugs in this forum, those cries for help will continue to go unanswered as they have for over 5 months now when DF prepatch dropped.

They don’t need to hire anyone. They HAVE those people and they are aware of what the current forum bugs are.

What they won’t do, is publicly tell you what the status of those bugs are, or tell you when they will get fixed. They do not, and never have, responded to individuals on the forums about bugs. They are not tasked with doing that.

They could have an army for websites, but they still would not be responding to you.

If they had that many people then these bugs would be fixed by now. Game devs have harder coding and are pumping out patches content AND bug fixes in the same time frame that website coders AREN’T DOING ANYTHING about the reported issues already.

Sorry for trying to shake the Blizzard tree to get what I need and a couple nuts fall from it.