<Assault> AotC+ Guild (Thu/Fri evenings) LFM on Thrall

Raid times are 7:30-10 PST (10:30-1 EST) on Thurs/Fri evenings.
Currently 9/9 N, 6/9 H Amirdrassil. We do progress Mythic with the intent on seeing how far our raiders can push, but there’s no expectation of getting a certain number of bosses killed in Mythic and we’re certainly not a CE guild.

  • Adult oriented guild that is understanding that other things take priority; very understanding if things come up that require you to miss a raid from time to time or wanting a break. We also take raid breaks before new patches and for all major holidays to prevent long-term burnout.
  • Cauldrons and feasts are provided. As we approach tough content, such as AotC and Mythic progression, it is expected that raiders are enchanted and are bringing raid consumables as well as performing at a reasonable level to contribute to the success of our raid.
  • Discord is required alongside guild engagement. Joining our guild means more than joining our raiding team, you are joining our family - and as such, we ask that you integrate with the guild and use Discord (and voice chat as necessary) since we have raiders spread over several time zones, therefore we highly leverage Discord chat to talk amongst one another.
  • Outside of WoW, we play other games, as well. We have a few who play League, Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy, and a handful of Steam and console games. At least once a month, we have a fun game night where we play games such as Jackbox Party Games and Among Us.

Highest priority need for recruitment right now is ranged hunter DPS, shadow priest, ele shaman, might consider a mage or warlock. I only recruit for positions that I intend to fill and keep filled for a long period of time as there’s not a rotating roster of raiders. Players who can play the above but also be flexible and change classes or specs for different types of content (raid, M+) are highly encouraged to apply.

If you intend to apply, I do not care about your logs. We want quality humans over quality DPS - meters can be improved, attitudes can not. That being said, performance isn’t a non-factor, but we have a raiding roster of capable and patient raiders who are willing to help you in times of struggle. You simply need the bravery to reach out if you feel you could be doing better and many raiders would be more than happy to help.

Our trial process includes two weekends of raiding and you are highly encouraged to do at least one M+ run with guildies so that you can see us both in a raid and small group environment. At the end of your trial, the officers & players with knowledge of your role/class will participate in a performance vote and the guild as a whole will be able to raise concerns if they feel there is cultural dissonance.

Add me on BattleNet (limbrok#1655) to inquire about trialing. You can leave a message even when I’m offline and I promise to reply within 24 hours.


Still looking for some amazing players!

High priority needs are mage DPS, warlock DPS, and a healer! Check us out, we’d love to finish up our roster for 10.1 :smiley:

We’re also planning on a fun guild event for Diablo 4 launch in June - join us in Sanctuary :fire:

Come join us in the World of Warcraft! Still looking for amazing and fun players!

I’m interested in joining. ilvl 402 Preservation Evoker working on ilvl. Add me on B Net NaTuRaL#11214.

Bump! Come join us!

To the top! Still have a handful of slots to fill! Check us out :slight_smile:

Bump! Still looking for more!

Needs updated! Come check us out and join us for Aberus!

Looking for a chill guild, we might be your guild!!

We killed 3 new bosses in Heroic this weekend! Come join us for AotC and some Mythic progression starting soon :slight_smile: We are taking a break the weekend before and after 4th of July and another break later in the summer once AotC is earned, so get in before the tier is over!

Still looking!

Going into our 4th of July break soon, but will be back and recruiting for key positions! Come join us :slight_smile:

Bump! Still looking for more!

Just a couple spots left to fill up our core for the remainder of the tier. Looking for a warlock & any evoker specs &/or resto shaman (we have a healing spot open, full on druids & paladins atm). Reach out if interested :slight_smile:

Come join us! It’s an awesome time!!

To the top! Still looking for key ranged DPS roles! Check us out :slight_smile: