Ask yourselves this about Kalimdor

I’m pretty thoroughly fed up with the idea being spammed in this forum that the Night Elves are “leaving” Kalimdor behind. I’m fed up with it because I don’t buy it. At all. And I don’t mean that I don’t buy the idea of it, because that should be obvious. No, I mean that I don’t believe for one second that YOU PEOPLE actually think this is happening.

You all know it isn’t happening, you’re just acting as if it is because it’s a new avenue to whine about Blizzard’s “mistreatment” of the Night Elves. In no way, does the idea that the Night Elves are “leaving Kalimdor” make a lick of sense.

So, ask yourselves this, if Blizzard eventually revamped the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor as a whole, do you seriously expect the zones currently occupied by Night Elven settlements and quest givers to instead be occupied fully by Horde Quest givers? All of Darkshore, large portions of Feralas, Ashenvale, Felwood, and Winterspring. Just all Horde Only?

Get real. Stop this nonsense, you are all accomplishing nothing but making yourselves look as juvenile as possible.


This is the meta argument, and anyone who believes this is wrong.

What is happening is the new home. I might as well put it in capital letters for how much emphasis Blizzard is putting on this NEW HOME renewal storyline.
Is in fact moving from where it used to be on Teldrassil, the refuge from all the people displaced in WC3 and BFA conflict until it went up in flames and the survivors of the multi refugees were moved to Stormwind, then Nordrassil and now permanently moving to Dragon Isles.

Does it mean they are ALL moving? No. This story deals with very little absolutes and this is one of them. But the NEW HOME is in Dragon isles.

Having said that I am a fan of it because it answered one of my most pressing concerns. “What stops the next horde attack?” and the answer is proximity and an army of dragons on standby I guess.

My personal problem with the latest reveals though is that the “City” meant to be the new Night Elf center of civilization is basically a village with couple of legion assets plopped here and there.
If blizzard had added a couple unique assets that worked with the landscape like a custom temple of elune, a plaza and a nice looking emerald dream portal tree that would have really made this update a 10/10 for me.
Also maybe add a few more houses in close proximity of each other to make a more densely looking populated city.

So far its a solid 5 out of 10. Its fine.

While the location of Amirdrassil is off the coast of the Ohn’ahran Plains in the Emerald Dream, that location in the physical world doesn’t have a lot of the land that Amirdrassil is sitting on in the dream.

We know Amirdrassil will emerge from the dream, but we don’t have confirmation on where it will emerge. For all we know, it’s going to have a different place in the physical world. Right now it’s pure speculation and neither side is right or wrong.

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It is currently in the physical world in the coast of Onh’ara… you can see the tree from other zones.

I forgot to say that it’s locked behind Fyrakk defeat. You have to kill him so you can continue the campaign leading to Amirdrassils blooming and phasing to our world.


Okay thank you for adding the latter half, I was unaware of this. I legit just went in-game to look thinking I was blind as a bat.


At least you made your own thread instead of hijacking others. Thank you.


When do you think blizz will phase it for everyone else?

I heard them say they have planed 2 or 3 mini patches until the end of the expansion so my best guess is that it will be built during those.
Like in 10.2.5 we probaly get access to it after some quests and see all these basic buildings and by the last patch I hope to see it grow to a full city.

I still hate it because it’s not in Kalimdor but I still want any NE outpost to look as best as possible.


It’ll probably be 10.2.5. In the last season I remember all my alts got access to the post-Aberrus stuff once the .5 patch came out

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That’s cool and good to know. :blush:

Do you think you would feel better about the situation if there was a portal to Nordrassil in the zone?


That’s optimistic. I think we all had similar thoughts about the Argent Crusade interceding when the Forsaken began behaving like the Scourge in the Western Plaguelands. Instead all we got years later was a dev comment along the lines of, “Tirion’s keeping an eye on them.”

Knowing Blizzard, if the Horde wanted to torch Amirdrassil, Alexstraza would personally help out.

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The horde can also just burn it down since it’s kind of on shipping lane between Quel’thelas and Org, they could just launch some flaming payloads from a boat, and because blizzard thinks living trees are easy to burn, it would catch on fire and go up in flames instantly.


With the night elves now making the dragon isles their home it does mean the Alliance is now firmly entrenched in the eastern side of the world. Aside from the draenei’s, all the Alliance faction capitals are in EK/now Dragon Isles.

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TBH I’ve really but I mean really tried to find a way to like the Tree not being in Kalimdor and sadly nothing would really make me happy about it as I was always the player who grew up with the ingrained idea that “Night Elves are Kalimdor” so to see their new seat of power half way around the world more than upsets me I’d say the right word is that it makes me feel sad.

I know it’s just a game and this is a bunch of pixels and outside the game I’m as normal as a person can be with my IRL friends and a good job but because I’ve played Night Elves since WC3 I feel like I am the one being displaced from my home and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Back to your question then yes in a way. Most of the people who feel the same way are in this spot because of the complete disconnection we are experiencing from Kalimdor for several years so far so I would agree that if this new Tree has portals to Hyjal and perhaps other key places would be well recieved.

Many have voiced the notion that we wouldnt need to worry because of Emerald Dream portals being able to readily transfer all sorts of troops and resources in the event of a new war so I’d hope for that to be adressed and mostly SHOWN so that we don’t have to forever fight over each side’s headcanon.

TLDR: Yes. Portals would help and I thank you for your suggestion.


I don’t suspect that most of Kalimdor is going to be updated for a long time. When Metzen said we’re going back to the “old world” I think he meant that EK will get an update. I don’t think Kalimdor is going to be terribly relevant to Midnight, but I could be wrong.

I think it is safe to assume that the majority of the Night elf population is not going to be in Kalimdor anymore, no. I don’t think it will be fully taken over by Horde either, but the Night elves no longer have a capital in Kalimdor and I think it is going to stay that way.

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My guild leader asked me about this some time ago.


Mind you, this is a video game story forum. Telling people to get real is out of school.

Don’t let the NEFPA break you.




I mean, it is in Florida…