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Will you ever consider maybe an Ardenweald-themed bard class? Please?

Is there any intent to do anything to change mastery?

Its repeatedly complained about and normally wouldn’t be such a big issue except that currently. its meant to be the ‘your class, but better’ stat. unfortunately, many of the classes have a mastery ability that is simply versatility, but worse. not that it is worse than versatility, but it literally does the same thing as versatility, just less of it.

Frost mage
Windwalker is borderline
Holy pally (even as a healer, it caps at 1.5% for minimum range on only healing.)
And probably fury

if versatility gives the class 1% damage on pets, or 2-3 abilities, and versatility gives them 1% damage and healing to all sources, and .5% damage reduction, what’s the point of ever using mastery? again, may even be a minor issue aside from every single piece ever seeming to have mastery this expansion. all but 1 or 2 pieces of the covenant sets. for holy paladin, out of all the dungeons and raid bosses there’s 1(one) singular plate pants without mastery on it.

hopefully artifices or mechanists!

that’s why Torghast is soloable

Animations for destruction warlocks are lacking, the balance to make a destruction warlock more viable in raid situations is there, however its not compelling to see anything come from this. It would be unique to see auras, or a transformation be utilized again as it previously was. Would there be any roadmap to enhance the user experience for classes that could benefit from use cases of their lore?

Also mobility casting would be a great benefit for destruction warlocks.

Will you consider adding race changes or other paid services in TBC?

It certainly doesn’t seem like they play the game!

Whey are we going to fly in Shadowlands? And dont make us jump through 1,000 hoops to get it!

I say make it a healing spec. It’s right there in the name.

Group tagging is back in some form, and I assumed it was a bug but I’m told that it’s not.

I feel like faction tagging was already pretty good, and it worked for several expansions.

What was the process that went into this decision? What problem did it solve?

When will Covenant Battle Pets become available account wide?

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Will you introduce a sliver or censer type item for Shadowlands like you did for MoP and BfA in War Mode? That was a really fun item and promoted tons of WPvP!

Is it possible to please nerf drums in TBC classic? Having an entire raid banging drums on cd to keep the buff up permanently is going to be a bit dumb!

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With the Classic servers automatically progressing to Burning Crusade, will there be a name change option for Blood Elf / Draenei players who weren’t thinking about TBC when making their Classic main?

When are you adding ranged survival back? (Whether 4th spec which is preferable or rework again)

Any chance of adding the option to enable retail models for the environment and characters? Would love to have a TBC with updated graphics.

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