<Ashes> [H] 2 day 4 hours per week 10/10H 3/10M DPS

Ashes is a guild with a core make up going back to BWL. We are a mostly heroic AotC guild with mythic content sprinkled in (9/12M Nya, 5/10M CN and currently 3/10M SoD). We are in need of 1-3 more dps with a preference for ranged dps (Boomkin, Mage and Warlock) but anyone can inquire. Our current active raider roster sits at 20 and I would like to have 23-24 so we can function inside and outside of WoW easily. We are fairly casual in nature and raid 2 day 4 hour per week Tuesday/Thursday 730-930 PST (1030-1230 EST) with some 100% optional sign up only Saturday runs (this is usually dependent on overall enthusiasm and is usually more frequent at the start of a new raid tier). Flasks and Feasts are provided. The typical raid tier plan is to get AotC and then see how far we can get into mythic without burning everyone out. The guild is relatively active during “traditional” hours (7-11pst weekdays) with a few different groups that run m+ in the 15-20 range. Our group is pretty laid back and keeps a pretty positive attitude while killing bosses. Culture is mostly 30-40ish aged players with a sprinkle of youth.

Our current needs are rdps: Moonkin, Warlock, Mage

I can be reached reached on Discord at Gotallica#7013
Or you can reach out to Yost on Discord at Yost#2423

Or after 5pm at Bnet Gotallica#1575
Yost Bnet Orthog#11377

Still looking for one solid ranged dps!

Ashes is still in the market for some ranged dps.

Need more ranged dps feed to Bwomsandi.

Still on the lookout for ranged dps and potentially one that can backup heal as well!

Need more dots! More dots!

Would like a mage!!! All are welcome though.

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