Ascendance (A) Uther - 4hrs/week - 2/9 M BoD AotC CoS

Hello all! Friendly neighborhood Pananda here to tell you all about Ascendance.

Who is Ascendance?

Well, to be blunt, we are a melting pot. Ascendance has been around since Vanilla wow. To be honest however, there isn’t really anyone from that era of the guild (maybe one or two old farts). You see each expansion, we’ve grown and shrunk and grown again (sort of like WoW subs lol). But our core values have remained constant and those are to kill pixels and have fun doing it. We are no longer the hardcore guild we used to be because most of us have grown and want to do things other than WoW (heresy right?).

At this stage in Ascendance’s life, we are a group of people that have done the hardcore raiding and now we just want to have fun while still using the skills we’ve honed over the years. If you had to classify us, we are a heroic progression guild. We will get AoTC and then move on from there. If we have the roster to try and push a few mythic bosses, we will. We are never going to be world or even server first, but we will push if people are having fun.

Who should be looking for Ascendance?

Great question Pan! Now to answer your question broadly, anyone. To get more specific, the person reading this post.

To be serious though, Ascendance is a place for raiders that want to keep it casual (we only raid 4 hours a week) but still progress. We are not going to make people jump through hoops for us or min/max every little thing, but we expect you to be willing to put a little extra time into your character to help the raid. If that means making sure you’re getting your weekly keys done, great. If that means reading up on your class guide to even out your rotation, great! Basically, we want someone that knows how to carry their weight and be willing to help others.

When does Ascendance raid?

Tuesday 11pm-1am EST/8pm-10pm PST

Thursday 11pm-1am EST/8pm-10pm PST

What does Ascendance need?

Current needs include:
Ranged DPS (HIGH) Prefer:
Ele Shaman
Shadow Priest
Balance Druid

If your class/spec is not listed above, please feel free to apply anyways. We’ll never turn down exceptional players (usually not average players as well).

Who do I need to talk to join?

You can reach out to one of our officers:

Pananda#1469 (Recruitment)

Viper#1562 (GM)

Arrmora#1455 (Raid Leader)

It’s been fun and I hope I see you around!

Lieutenant Bran, ice creammmmmmmmmmmm

#2 guild LF those dps

Grong? Grong.