<Ascendance> [A] (4/11M, AoTC SFO) LF rDPS - Mage a boon!

LF a few more DPS to round out the roster. :slight_smile:

Celebrate the widespread destruction of mythic bosses!

Searching for a Havoc DH (guaranteed raid spot)! :pray:

We’ve got a need for one or two more DPS!

Bump Bump. Want that DH love. :smiley:

Greetings to you from Ascendance
We’d love to have you in attendance
If you have raiding susceptance
Get in touch with our superintendents

“Join Ascendance, where the BOEs are the friends we make along the way.”
~ Raeyv, leader of our Shiver of Shamans

Mage, DH, DK. Or DPS of any kind. Looking for a couple :slight_smile:

Let’s all be on the same page, case we really need another Mage!
Or if not and you have a Warlock, then please feel free to join our flock!

Thank you, thank you. Need more bad poetry? I’ll be here all week.

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