As Prot, Why would you ever use Whirlwind over Revenge?

Maybe I’m not understanding something about these abilities, but whirlwind costs 10 more rage and does less damage. What gives?

they decided they were going to unprune abilities without making any of them worth pressing.


They brought stuff back without really figuring out how we’d go about using it. I think that’s why we originally had pruning, where you had confusion over where you’d use Arcane Blast as Fire or Frost for instance.

God how lazy could they be. Would be so simple to make some minor adjustment. WW costs more rage but removes snares, deals higher crit damage, damage increases the more enemies that are hit, etc… the list goes on. So many easy ways to add some flavor.

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I dont have ww keybound as prot. Does prot also get slam? I dont think i have that bound if it is available.

Would never press either over revenge, ip or sb. Always something to press as i see it.

Yes it was poorly thought out with warriors as our “un pruinig” gave things like SB, SS & Slam to fury & arms while prot gets ww (yet no BS) and not fury ww like it should be (no rage cost + meat cleaver).

It sits in my spell book collecting dust just like SB and SS when im pvping…oh the possibilities that could have happened if it was planned out.

If I remember correctly Devastate replaces Slam at around lvl 15ish. So technically Prot gets Slam, just not for long.

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It’s fun in Torghast if you pick the abilities that buff it.


You wouldn’t. It’s basically for low levels when you want to tank a dungeon and don’t have revenge or thunder clap yet. At that point it’s basically the only way to do enough AOE damage to keep aggro. After you get additional AOE abilities it becomes essentially useless though.


You get slam and then it turns into revenge.

Whirlwind is a 360 degree aoe attack. Revenge is a 180 degree aoe attack. Different skills for different uses.

I think torghast is why they depruned spells.

I think you have bigger problems if your resorting to whirlwind to cover that 180 revenge cant get…

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This dude is still rockin ironfoe lol

Hm I was wondering that to. I just thought it was another way to aoe. So I can unhotbar Whirlwind?

Do not use WW as prot, as the mobs should never be behind you.


You do realize its extremely easy to rage cap as a prot warrior right. Using whirlwind for aoe is better rage management then not using it.

Youre wrong. Learn2play.

No whirlwind is a good ability.

You dump rage with Revenge. The irony of you saying something this stupid and then telling others to learn to play. The WoW forums never cease to amaze.