As a Mechagnome , how do i get to Mechagon City?

Hello everyone ! I am Anzo a Mechagnome Techno-Summoner . I am trying to explore my newly recovered city of Mechagon , however when i try to use the teleporter pad whilst in mechagon to get to the main part of the city nothing happens. Anyone know what gives ? do i have to be a higher level ? has blizzard not let us explore our own city !!! please help a poor Mecha Gnome make his pilgrimage to Mechagon !


Transport machine broke.
It is on the to-do list.
It might take a while.


Clap your metal heels 3 times.


You start out in Mechagon. What lol?

There is a port machine to your town next to the new hall for all the allied races.


(Observation): I leveled an Exacitor to 110 for the Heritage Armor and was unable to access the city. I race-changed my main mage to Exacitor as had been my plan, and was able to access it.

(Speculative): I think you might need to have beaten the Mechagon dungeon on your Mechagnome to do it, or completed the quest chain for the Rustbolt, or perhaps even both.

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I know , but inside Mechagon you can go down a ramp from the main room you start in , and there will be a teleporter pad called 'Mechagon City Teleporter ’ that is supposed to take you down to the main part of the city . However when i walk over it nothing happens .

That is a different instance than the actual dungeon.

Thank you for the info Mechagnome brethren ! Hopefully one day i will be able to properly access our supreme metropolis . Until than i shall journey through azeroth and upgrade myself , for one day i shall return to mechagon with my shiny new looks , once i achieve power as high as yours .

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Tell me Anzo. Do you like Horde or Alliance more? Just be honest with me. Why not be brave?

Goblin tech is a cheap knock off of our own technology ! Ill never ally with the horde as long as those short , green , greedy , thieves are there . My second-great grandfather was a Goblin but that’s besides the point . Gnomish genes are much stronger and more good looking so i don’t resemble one what so ever .


I thought it would be bigger, it looks like a small town with a big ramp to the “throne room” at the top.

You normal gnomes don’t even have a city, sush!

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hmm. after talky talk with master Bolvar i just materialized at the gates of Stormwind. my hearthstone was set for the inn at trade district. well at least i wasn’t greeted by rotten fruit unlike previous core race death knights

You don’t need to go to Mechagon.
I already cleared it out for you.

Oh we have a city, it’s in ruins, BUT we have a city! :rofl:

How infuriating it must be to have your home city be a dungeon that you can’t access…

Have you tried taking it back? Worked wonders for the rest of Gnomanity… I mean I haven’t been in my home city for 12 years without fighting off Troggs and Lepers but yeah let’s talk about your issues having just been created!


I was going to say “Follow the yellow cog road” but this works too.


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And ALSO consequently baking TBH.