As a Community, we do not want RDF

Wrath didn’t have “great growth”.

The game grew half a million subs during WotLK. It was the beginning of the end for the game, for many reasons.

And people want to repeat the mistakes of the past by pushing for the very features that killed retail. Crazy.

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There is no social interaction anyway just a Hello. RFD is fine but we can skip raid finder forever that is what killed social interactions

That’s a player problem, I always greet people and have conversations and even met some new friends off the LFG chat and tool.


its on you to provide evidence of your idiotic claims.

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Again, talking out of your butt.

Where? Show me where blizzard said “they didn’t think mega servers was healthy”.

The answer is not to implement cross realm random dungeon finder to fix low pop server communities. Transfers are not only logical, they are smart. People want to be a part of a server community and have people to do stuff with, and even if people naturally choose to go to realms where their faction is highly represented is GASP smart. Because guess what? you have more opportunity to actually do stuff with people of your own server community.

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Overall, realm health and management has been the most challenging aspect of managing WoW Classic. When these mega-realms started to emerge last year, we were concerned about their impact, but we were very hesitant to take heavy-handed action for fear of breaking up friend groups and restricting player freedom.

Congratulations on showing how smooth your brain is.

No simple minded one, you didn’t “win”. The devs made it clear that was their slight minded intentions to start with. Far too many have spoken out against their (also slight minded) thoughts, and it will more than likely be implemented.

I understand this might be difficult for your simple troll mind to comprehend but those are facts. I’m going to put you on ignore since you do not possess the intelligence to produce a proper argument (troll or just absolute stupidity).


I thought that was a RDF problem. Thanks for making our point.


ya plz remove the que for BG from anywhere too no one wanted this.

how did you not see the post, it’s pinned at the top of the page. RDF is coming!

More insults coming from the LOSING side, such sore losers there pro-RDF minority are.

Wrong, just like how MILLIONS unsubscribed when it came out back in the day so will they today.

Blizzard will ALWAYS listen to the MAJORITY.

Prove it then

If anti-RDF wasn’t the majority why was RDF removed?

Eon said that about flying too, both were lying through their teeth.
See and hear what they want to so long as it suits their agenda.

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Because blizzard make stupid mistakes and stubbornly hang on to the until the trickle becomes a roar and its too late

This is Classic, the Devs we have are different than Retail Devs and they care far more about the game hence why RDF is removed.

What roar? The pro-RDF crowd is quiet if anything, there have been MULTIPLE surveys and polls they sent out and they ALL show anti-RDF is the majority.

Where? I have not seen one about LFD and in fact i don’t even remember wowhead reporting on one, the cata one isn’t about it, the standard classic one wasn’t about it, stop twisting things.

Comprehension can sometimes be difficult…
I never said there was one, what I actually said was that they hang on until it becomes one, and the people like myself have hardly been quiet lol.

No this is WRATH to quote a dev themselves, Kris Zierhut : I think there are many different eras in World of Warcraft, its not just a simple there is Classic and there is Modern. It was a continuously changing game, and I worked on many of those expansions, and saw that evolution. Even Wrath of the Lich King is very, very different from the 1-60 game in a lot of ways.

Not only have I received these surveys and polls but you have to go enable them in your battle net account settings to see them, there are even forum posts talking about receiving them.

There will be a roar than the anti-RDF crowd, you Retail people are actively trying to ruin OUR Classic community that WE worked so hard to build.

Right this is CLASSIC Wrath, NOT Retail Wrath. In Classic we will NOT have RDF, we WILL have Heroic+ amongst MANY other changes that makes it SUPERIOR to the original.

I am not a “retail people” fact is I wanted to play wrath like it was like we were promised, you classic people cannot even call yourselves that as you are advocating for changes to the original.
I don’t believe I mentioned heroic+
And yes there will be LFD, the game needs it.

Guys, why not ignore him. He can’t prove anything, he spends all his time here on the forums, and if not, in this thread alone, best to just ignore him, and mute the thread. It is not worth feeding the troll.

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