As a Community, we do not want RDF

Yeah? Well good thing you didn’t have to, by the end of 2020 you had all the server data up on IF.Pro and by the end of 2021 all the server population data was widely available.

You had two years of data you chose to ignore, it’s no one’s fault but your own you decided to stay on a dead server.

Yes, it is my fault that I didn’t transfer off the only Oceanic PVE Server because I’m apart of a guild who I have made friends with and happy do stuff together with.

Keep on trolling, it seems to be the only thing you ever do.

popular changes? you don’t even know what that means. just give us a the game as it was. we don’t need changes. we don’t need wotlk classic + just leave it alone. give us the RDF we are not asking for anything unrealistic.

says the troll who says no one wants it, this entire thread has a litany of people disagreeing with you. they will add it in. people are already fed up with this busted group finder system.

There is no demand for Oceanic servers in Classic, what is Blizzard going to do? Make a bunch of servers so you and your 20 friends can go waste their resources? You were given a server and your entire region couldn’t even populate that one.

You should go play Retail, it has a much bigger oceanic community. Maybe you can convince them to come populate your Classic servers because that’s not something Blizzard can do unless you decide to transfer.

RDF is what killed social interaction in Retail WoW, we are fixing the mistakes of the past and it will NOT be included. You have been told this MANY times by not only the MAJORITY of the population but by also the devs.

Good luck with that, my side WON and we will continue to establish our dominance by keeping this Retail feature out of our game. It is NOT needed.

The LFG chat should be ONLY way to find groups.

Yeah, alright. I’ll chose to ignore you, and well, hope this will jog your memory!

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Seems like Blizzard disagrees with you.

Except nothing I said is spamming or trolling and I don’t care if you ignore me just because I told you the Truth, take care of yourself on your dead server!

3rd party sites give the best representation of populations as they base it off parses, Blizzard themselves don’t offer any numbers. A vast majority of the population uses If.Pro and other census sites, you’re at a loss if you don’t use it much like that person whose stuck on an Oceanic server with a small population when they had over 3 years to transfer off of it.

So successful you have to hide on a level 10 retail character :+1:t2:

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It doesn’t matter if I’m level 10, 20, 60, 80 or 120.

Reality does not change based on my level, if you are on a dying or dead server it is your fault and not Blizzards when you have the option to transfer.

70% of your entire forum activity is this thread lol.

How do you have the mental stamina to keep this up?

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It doesn’t take much effort to debunk pro-RDF trolls.

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Pretty fascinating alternate reality you live in.

Devs are clueless. Time to abandon ship.

Pretty sure the only ones living in an alternate reality are the ones thinking RDF will ever come back.

Hope you get used to LFG chat because it’s not going anywhere :slight_smile:

Nah the Devs cater to the majority as opposed to the vocal minority, no RDF and Heroic+ will bring A LOT of new players to the game.

These changes are also pushing people away. Maybe it’ll balance out, maybe it won’t.

Either way, I’m sure nobody who wanted this cares about my opinion anyway.

I mean you say people will be pushed away but whose honestly leaving over these changes? I feel like most of the posts going against these changes are people who will remain subbed, Classic Wrath is still one of the best if not the best MMO iteration out right now.

I still remember a Shaman named Fatherwinter from back in 2005 when we had same server only BGs. That guy was a beast. Cross realm BGs hurt more than cross realm RDF ever did imo. I AM KRUMTOILET!!!

One more big change and I’ll be out. I can’t speak for everyone but I’m already on the edge.

The only reason I’m not out right now is because I’ve already invested time and money into this.

If I’d known how it was gonna be, I’d have never bothered with this at all.

I looked at getting a refund but I no longer qualify even though the expansion isn’t out yet.

And honestly, if I find that I’m not having a good time later on, I’ll just leave.

They told us no RDF since start of the year, although the other changes to heroics and whatnot are def. newer ones.

Sweet, maybe they should make everything they’ve changed more visible to returning players so they don’t feel cheated. We shouldn’t have to dig though articles to find it, it should be on the front page of the wrath launcher.

Once I realized there wasn’t gonna be an RDF, I immediately regretted coming back.

They’ve changed so much that I wouldn’t even call this wrath classic anymore.

More like wrath reforged.

At this point it’s just plain old false advertising.