Arugal (OCE) is going to be a disaster at launch

Blizzard is telling everyone else to move off high realms because of queues, so by definition we DO need another pvp realm. Remulos is not an option.


Whats the faction balance like? For arugal.

I picked ally due to paladin

We don’t want toxic troll players anyway.

P.S I have confirmation via certain official channels that were will not be any prior to launch. I’m not sharing such information to keep the identity of these people safe.

As such there may be new servers after launch but there will NOT be any prior to launch.



I thought they were saying to move off of Full realms, not High. Arugal is only High at this point.

Blizzard updated us on this issue today.

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yeah im with the people here saying no. We definitely don’t want two pvp realms to split off each faction like frosty and barth. the split at the moment is perfect. and yeah, it will die down after launch a lot. I highly doubt there will be too much of a queue to get in even at peak times. I remember being on frosty at a few expansion releases and even then the queue was maybe an hour max.


Yahoo, just finished work. Seven glorious wow classic filled days. Going out for supply of diapers and crap food tomorrow. Let the fun begin :smile:


Happy for you mate but sadly that grin is likely to be wiped from your face by launch.

don’t be silly… no one is going to work or school that day. lol. all jokes a side, if we see queues at 8am, just imagine what 8pm will be like.


care factor of zero, if i wait in line all day im not stressed. Most important part is that it has happened to start with.


I quite like the fact we only have one realm. It avoids the whole faction stacked Frostmourne-Barthilas scenario.


I agree. One of each realm really focuses the OCE playerbase together. All the best PvPers will be together and all the best Raiders will be together and the whole community will be packed together and it will be wonderful.
There’s also going to be a great rivalry between the two for PvE progress and PvP prowess when BG’s come out as we’ll (hopefully) only have the 2 realms in our queues.


no, 1 populated server is better


Ideally there will only have to end up being one pvp server, but once layering is gone there is definitely going to be two. I predict a 2nd server within the first week as it is inevitably going to be full and stay full whether people prefer it or not.

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Lol… Yeah it’s cute to relive 2004 again for a day or two… Not forever. If it’s full they will release another server because people actually want to play a game they pay for.

True, im just happy it has started. I think you are correct in what you have posted.


Yeah NAH. Full Server FTW. Deal with the queues for a couple of weeks. To see Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms FULL out in the open world will be amazing and perhaps never to be repeated. I want it to last and last. We’ve had enough of ghost town Azeroth for the last 10 years.


The aus PvP server is 58% horde 42% allies

According to a small sample size I saw so take that with a grain of salt

It’s a nappie, btw

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