Arugal 159min queue at 4pm

They prolly read that on a different thread and chose to follow the bandwagon. It makes no sense.

If he’s not paid to come up with the solutions, why do you expect him to come up with them? You think you’re entitled to his game design ideas for free?

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I would rather layers, so my guild can actually raid when we want to, instead of having multiple people stick in the Q

blizzard: “it seems our servers are having ques now”

literally everyone: “BAN THE BOTS AND MULTIBOXERS”

blizzard: “hmmm guess the only solution is to turn layering back on”


No we are not being punished, we are being robbed.

Paying for a game that you cannot access is Blizzard way of robbing us.

Especially, no blue post … no update … no contingencies … no updates … no plan just longer and longer queues …

May I add, migration is not a solution … we have guilds, we have people we play with together … just increase capacity … not hard … dish out the cash!

What was that about no blue post?

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Surely 25-50% of your server is not made up of Bots and Multiboxers.

allowing players to further abuse the economy
allowing top guilds to farm world bosses at a greatly increased rate
causing the player base to be fragmented into different shards such that they could miss out on other player interaction around them
or avoid other players quite easily on pvp servers


Players exaggerate the economy aspect of layering quite a bit. If anythkng prices will go down which judging from the forums will be a welcomed event.

World bosses will not be an issue as the layer hopping cooldown will alleviate that quite a bit. Guilds that never get world bosses might actually get a world boss, oh the horror.

Thousands more being able to play are more important than that chance you have with interaction of another player, especially considering its likely youll see another player on the other layer in or around the same vicinity.

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the bots and multiboxers have been here since launch. obviously affect the Q somewhat, but not 2200+ people.
Yes could be a small drop in the Queue but would still be a massive QUEUE

It has been nearly impossible to pick a Black Lotus or come across RTV for a quite a while now. Layering will actually give you a chance to maybe get one yourself.

Top Guilds have been farming world bosses as soon as they spawn from the day the patch was released. Once again this will actually give some guilds a chance.

The whole reason for layering is that there are a lot of people playing. Whatever action your missing out on from one layer you’re probably replacing with on another.


This guy!! Exactly my whole guolds thoughts.
People are dumb that would rather sit in a 5 hour Queue and miss their raids, than have 2 layers on the server.

If blizz stuck to server only bgs until p5, there would be no problems.

server only bgs? i think you’re in the wrong thread.

People are upset with bg queues as it is right now, server only bg queues would be even worse. If you want server only bgs get on discord, talk to guilds of other factions and go southeast in elwynn forest, 1st team to kill princess wins.

People, I’m on, thank you for those who decided to give up queuing … there is Santa Clause pplz

Imagine allowing paid transfers to one of the largest servers under the NA banner.
Now imagine not giving free xfers off said server to other servers that could absorb players (Yojamba/Felstriker).
Add in a dash of covid and a very large number of bots/multiboxers and here we are. Blizzard far too willing to rake in the cash from paid xfers to and from Arugal and when it becomes near unplayable just flip the layer switch. What a joke.


All of these problems are absolutely player driven. From day one there have been servers without queues. Anybody who played on a server with a queue at launch chose to do so. Blizzard even explicitly recommended people change servers to avoid overpopulation. Blizzard has no control over what faction you choose to play. And PvP problems require PvP solutions, not nanny-hand holding from blizzard.

While I agree I think blizzard should have closed off transfers to full servers, that is still a player driven action. Someone chose to come to that server and sit in a 5 hour queue.


Totally agree. Thunderfury is a medium pvp server and it’s way more populated than my server was in vanilla. It’s normal that activity isn’t constant 24/7. In vanilla it was accepted to level alts at night if you want to play during non peak hours.

This is the perfect time to reroll to a medium or low pop server. IMO flocking to high servers is the zoomer mentality that high equates better. We can see from all these posts, high servers actually create more problems than any conceived advantages.

If you are on the west coast I actually found the oceanic servers to be the most genuine vanilla experience. There are almost 0 bgs below lvl 60, but the communities are tight and everyone is not geared to the teeth.

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  • Imagine not implementing a faction balancing mechanism (or faction based queues) when they had the chance to do so… oh wait… #nochanges

  • Imagine not stopping character creation or stopping character transfers to servers that are full, when they had the chance to do so.

  • Imagine releasing battlegrounds when you release a system that promotes killing one another to prevent the imbalanced factions griefing for points on a system that is designed to reward those who do so… Having to die 10-20 times just to get from your flight path to your dungeon… oh wait… #PvPhappenedOnaPvPServer

People adapt to a system and exploit it anyway they can. So to call this ‘player driven’ is just naive.